June 24, 2021

Castells will eliminate the figure of the “false associate professor” at the University

The Minister of Universities, Manuel Castells, has announced that a statute of the professional career and of the teaching and research staff of the universities is being elaborated, with which it is contemplated to end up with figures “inducing precariousness” as the “false associated professors” .

This figure will be reserved for the teaching collaboration of professionals who do not depend on this university contract for their working life, Castells explained in its premiere this Friday at the Committee on Science, Innovation and Universities.

Castells, who next week will go to Barcelona on his tour of the Spanish public universities – called “The Minister Listen” – has assured that he will fulfill the program on his department contained in the program agreement of the Coalition Government.

Thus, it will reduce “the current precariousness of the teaching and research staff, improving their working conditions and salary and stabilizing their employment status.”

It will also guarantee the “subjective” right to scholarships, according to family income, trying to ensure that the call for aid is resolved before the beginning of the course and the student has reliable information on the amount and dates of payment of the scholarships.

At the same time, the financing of scholarships will be increased from the General State Budgets.

As for rates, they will be reduced to levels prior to 2012, within the framework of the General Conference of University Policy, which has convened with the autonomous communities this Monday.

The minister has assured that in 2021 he will open a great debate, which “dreams” of calling “the General States by the Spanish University”, to achieve a broad consensus agreement that is the basis of a future bill.


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