January 23, 2021

Castellano proposes the dismissal of the manager of the Department of Sports

Castellano’s approach, which must be approved on Monday by the majority of the members of the Governing Council – made up of four councilors from Nueva Canarias, another four from the PSOE and Conchi Monzón (Podemos) – gives continuity to a problem that has been going on for months. simmering inside the IID.

The Ministry of Castellano last year only executed 36.7% of its budget


In summer, after the confinement caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Castellano already tried to execute the dismissal of María del Carmen Santana as director-manager of the IID. Then, the counselor alleged lack of confidence in the executive to justify his decision, but came across a warning with a legal basis that stopped his intentions: Santana had acceded to the position through a public contest – in summer 2019 – in which they were valued the merits and capabilities of the applicants – therefore, their dismissal could only be justified on the basis of a clear demonstration of demerits or disabilities.

More changes

Months after that first attempt, Castellano has decided to take the step and dismiss the director-manager of the council, a change that might not be the only one within the leadership of the Sports area of ​​the Cabildo. The PSOE politician has also probed the return of Ñito Pérez to the position of head of the IID’s sports management service – a position from which he was relieved after the last elections and has since been held by Agustín Morales.

The management of Castellano at the head of Sports has been under scrutiny for months within the PSOE and the council –Granca, European Island of Sports, etc–. In December, the IID had only been able to execute 36.7% of its budget for 2020. This inability has caused the accounts of the area for 2021 to suffer a cut of 5.1 million euros.


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