Castellano: "I give Gran Canaria a notable high"

From left to right: Francisco Castellano, Enrique Moreno and Willy Villar dialogue in an appearance. / cover

The continuity of the Segovian coach multiplies the disagreements in the Claretian club. Tense hours in the pulse between Enrique Moreno and Willy Villar. The Sports counselor returns to position

The pulse for renewing Porfi Fisac, who ends his contract this summer after two years as a coach on the island, comes from afar. The sports director of Gran Canaria, Willy Villar, pursues the continuity of the Segovian, while the president, Enrique Moreno, prefers a change of course as another coach in charge of the sports project.

Questioned about Villar's intention to tie up the renewal of
Fisac During the course, Moreno limited himself to waiting until the end of the season, but without looking favorably on a third course of a coach who confessed in the preview of the Coosur Real Betis that he perceived that his cycle "was ending."
Now, with the course completed, the positions in the insular leadership continue to be differentiated and far from consensus.

The Sports Councilor of the insular institution, Francisco Castellano, spoke yesterday to once again endorse his support for Villar in decision-making.

"Whether it's going to continue or not, I'm not the right person to answer. Indeed, this week or the next there will be a work table because that is how the Treasury Department of the Cabildo was also considered to jointly draw up next year's project. Evidently,
the final decision will fall to the sports director, how could it be otherwise. Once the decision has been made by the sports director, it will obviously have the support of this advisor », he argued.

On the differences between Moreno and
villar In this sense, he considers that "both have stated it, I refer to the words of the president,
but I am not going to value them because each one is responsible for their statements».

«I limit myself to saying that the counselor supports the sports director for the sports decision he makes,
with absolute autonomy and independenceat least from the Sports Council of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, "he added.

Asked if he would understand that the final decision on the future of Fisac ​​was not only sports, Castellano commented that «I would understand that it was not because that is how it has been transferred to me from minute one of my arrival at the Sports Council, that sports decisions are sports directors and professionals take in whatever competition.
But in this case more than ever, as it is a club in which the capital is 100% owned by the owner.».

Likewise, he valued the Claretian action in this exercise and, of course, he gave it his final grade.

I give Gran Canaria a notable high because I am aware of the work they do weekly, all the effort and dedication that the players make on the court. Gran Canaria has been competing at a very good level in European competition, we cannot forget that Europe is not there when we don't arrive and when we arrive it seems that it goes unnoticed. And Europe is, continues to be that magnificent showcase for Gran Canarian sport and for Gran Canaria as a whole », he explained.

And then in the ACB I think we have played a very good role, very worthy And there we are, in the Playoff competing against Barcelona and playing for victory in the last seconds. Therefore, my balance is remarkable », he concluded.

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