Casillas, on his heart attack: "My life changed, I was born again"

An image of Iker Casillas.

An image of Iker Casillas.

The Spanish international exporter Iker Casillas remembered the heart attack that he suffered on May 1, 2019 when he trained with Portuguese Oporto as a moment in which his life "changed" and after which he was "born again".

"On May 1, 2019 my life changed, I was reborn. Suddenly I noticed a little dizziness when doing exercises with the goalkeeper coach, the doctors came to treat me like any other player who is injured and they quickly sent me to the hospital. Everything was very fast, I could not think that I was going to have a heart attack, "Casillas said through a video.

The goalkeeper, champion of a World Cup and two Euro Cups with the Spanish team, in addition to his 19 titles with him Real Madrid and four others with Porto, he acknowledged that he had never thought that he could suffer a similar situation. "You never think something like this can happen to you, but it's something that can happen to all of us."

Casillas, who announced his retirement three months ago and after more than a year without playing after the heart attack, met Dr. Manuel Marina, co-founder of the Idoven company, as a result of this situation.

This company offers cardiology analysis with a portable device that is sent to the patient's home to be used for a period of time, during which information on their cardiac activity is collected, with which a report is prepared that can prevent problems such as those they carry to heart attacks.

Casillas tested the technology and decided to join it cAs an investor, in addition to being the image of the project, the operation of which he recounts in a video that he has published on social networks and the company's website.

"Since I have known Idoven I am much calmer. The truth is that they make it very easy for you, once a year I analyze my heart, they send you a kit at home, and they monitor the heart while I lead a normal life for several days: giving a walking, sleeping, doing sports or while working ... ", he explained in the audiovisual.

"My heartbeat is recorded on an electro which is analyzed by the Idoven team with the help of artificial intelligence. When finished, they pick it up and in a few days I receive on my mobile a high precision report with personalized recommendations, "added Íker Casillas.

The Spanish international exporter assures that the situation he experienced made him rethink the importance of prevention. "When something like this happens to you, it makes you open your eyes and understand the importance of taking care of and analyzing your heart regularly," he stressed.

Idoven is one of the nominees for the best awards innovative company of the year delivered by the World Football Summit (WFS) soccer forum.


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