Casillas ironizes with the altercation with some television reporters

Archive image of Iker Casillas.

Archive image of Iker Casillas.
The province

Last Saturday, July 31, the ‘Socialité’ program lived a tense encounter with Iker Casillas. A team in the Telecinco format tried to chat with the goalkeeper in his town, Navalacruz, but ended up with a face to face with him after trying to interview him and asking them to leave him alone.

In the images it is observed how a reporter approaches the soccer player with a camera that focuses on the ground due to the presence of children to ask him several questions: “Are you asking me with the camera on?” he tells them when he realizes what happens.

The journalist raises several questions. However, Casillas warns that he does not want to be persecuted anymore: “If you ask me seven questions in a row, I get pretty pissed off. I’m not stupid. Don’t ask so many questions in a row.”

The program’s team then decided to walk away, but they kept filming it from a distance. Fact that the exporter realizes, that they were still recording, so he approached them looking visibly angry.

After all this, the program’s Twitter account announced the following:

From the Mediaset program it was indicated that the exporter “is brutally confronted with a team of” Socialité “. In addition, with a lower skirt with the following legend:” Eva González was more sympathetic than Sara Carbonero. ”

Faced with the images that were broadcast in the program, he was an exporter and made fun of in networks.

Subsequently, the program presented by María Patiño showed more images in which the team approaches the former player again. This time they do not get any answer because he explains that he is hoarse. However, the reporters are not content to leave without a statement, which causes many residents of the town to criticize the reporter and the cameraman.

The reporters of ‘Socialité’, denounced in the program to have received insults on the part of the neighbors. And they pointed out that in addition, Iker Casillas had begun to make a direct of Instagram teaching the reporter and commenting on the ‘play’. A ‘play’ to which other colleagues joined the profession such as Gerard Piqué, which stated “be enjoying” of the surreal scene.

“Thanks to Iker Casillas we are being seen internationally, even in Abu Dhabi. I want to send a kiss, that we are being seen worldwide”, the presenter, María Patiño, explained to the audience, very angry. That he carried the blame for what happened to the athlete, Iker Casillas.

All this, in addition, has caused a great stir in the networks, both for and against both protagonists of the ‘altercation’, the reporters of the Telecinco program and the Porto exporter, Iker Casillas.


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