April 15, 2021

Cases of addictions without substances treated in the last year increase by 52%

Cases of people treated for substance-free addictions have increased by 52% in 2018, something that makes experts think that they are becoming "the great demand" and the trend, although traditional drugs are still the reason why that more Spaniards go to the centers.

This is one of the main conclusions of the study conducted by the Addictions Care Network (UNAD) with the College of Sociologists, based on more than 48,000 surveys of people, which have been attended in 131 entities of the network.

"The trend is very clear and addictions are without substance. Heroin had its time in the 70s and 80s, cocaine and other stimulants sent until 2010 and from that moment began addictions without substance, and especially the game, "said study coordinator Francisco López.

But there are other conclusions of the study, presented Tuesday, such as that 41% of people treated for addictions last year were new cases, indicating that "people with these problems do not stop entering the centers." A figure that this sociologist has described as "alarming."

But what is the profile of people addicted to treatment? "There is not a single photo, there are multiple faces," according to Luciano Poyato, president of UNAD, who has called on political parties to form a government, place addictions in the center before the risk of social exclusion of these people and strengthen the National Drug Plan.

A few words heard by the delegate of the National Drug Plan, Azucena Martí, who has advanced that in November the STUDIES report will be presented, which will reflect trends in substance use.

Seven out of ten people treated at UNAD addictions centers are polyconsuming: in the case of women, the problem is with alcohol and cocaine, while in men it is the latter especially and heroin.

One thing to keep in mind is that 9% of new cases are due to heroin addiction, but this does not mean, according to Lopez, "a return" to this drug.

Another fact in which UNAD delves into another year is that of gender violence because 55% of women who confess to having suffered violence indicate abuse by their partners or ex-partners.

It is also noteworthy that people who come to the centers have advanced their relationship with drugs, since it begins between the ages of 14 and 17.

Of the cases that come for the first time to be treated the proportion is one woman for every four men and the substances most consumed by them are cocaine (29%) and alcohol (21%), and in them alcohol ( 28%) and cocaine (26%).

The profile of people with addictions without substance (1,147 were treated for the first time for it in 2018) is that of a person between 26 and 41 years old, who has outstanding debts and credits, with descendants in his charge and who lives in the Home of your parents.

However, in the sample 117 cases of minors treated by problems of addiction of this type are collected, 11% of the total number of people treated for it, when those assisted by substance addictions is 3%.

Slot machines are still the most frequent addiction among almost half of the people served (46% in men mostly play in the bar and 53% in women, and more in bingo), although the trend is that of the game "online", according to professionals.

More than 50% of men with addictions without substance demanded treatment for sports betting, and in the case of women for addiction to bingo (62%), and both agree that they are alcohol consumers.

In addiction to the game, according to the sociologist, what happened years ago with cocaine is happening, when addicted people did not recognize that they consumed it and the so-called "clinical silence" occurred.

It is also striking in this study, and not for the number of cases, people who have decided to be treated for emotional and emotional dependence, 129, and most women.

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