Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020

Casemiro: "I'm going for a ball as I go for a plate of food"

The beginnings of Casemiro at Real Madrid were not easy. Ceded to Porto the season after the achievement of the Tenth, the Brazilian returned to the white club with Rafa Benítez. But just a few months after his arrival, the Madrid coach was dismissed and Zidane took the reins of Real Madrid. "When Zizou came, the first five games I didn't play with him. And I tell myself what happens to this one? But if he spoke very well about me. I went to his office. I said 'Mr., we are in January, I want to have prominence, I want to play. ”And I remember very well what he told me: "Case, you calm down, that when you start playing you won't stop playing anymore", recognizes Casemiro in Valdano universe.

With the Argentine, in addition to confessing that his entry into the Zidane team was not easy, Casemiro talks about his character and intensity on the field. "I don't care if it's the 12th or 90th minute. I always go for a ball as I go for a plate of food. I always go as if it were the last ball."

On Tuesday at 23.00 in #Vamos you can see the full interview.

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