March 3, 2021

Casemiro gives flight to a lackluster Madrid in Valladolid to pressure Atlético

The insistence of Casemiro who, on his third attempt, managed to score with a header, gave the victory (0-1) to a Real Madrid that suffered more than necessary before a Real Valladolid who showed impudence and desire and that, in his best moment of play, was severed after the goal of the Spanish-Brazilian player that leaves the Zinedine Zidane team three points behind the leadership of Atlético Madrid.

Madrid made it clear, from the beginning, that they did not want surprises. Aware that he could not fail anymore and that he had a great opportunity to cut the disadvantage with the leadership after the Atlético Madrid stumble. came out pressing. The locals did not allow themselves to be intimidated and, on the first occasion they had, they created danger. So much so that if it weren’t for Courtois’ performance, they would have opened the scoring in the 7th minute.

Orellana managed to finish off and the rejection of the Belgian goal reached Janko, whose shot also diverted Courtois to a corner. The tension remained after the corner kick, as Alcaraz also tried to surprise the Real Madrid goalkeeper, without succeeding. A hopeful start for the Blanquivioleta team. The Belgian goal supported Real Madrid.

Valladolid was brave. Real Madrid awaited the failure of the rival, Modric printed dynamism and the individual quality was evidenced in plays such as Kroos’s pass over Asensio, whose uncheck occurred offside. But it was Real Valladolid that fought the hardest, looking for surprise.

Vinicius began to claim prominence with his overflows, and the local defense had to work hard to stop him. Mariano, who came out to replace Benzemá, also wanted to vindicate himself and, although he scored, he did so in an offside clearing. There was no time for relaxation in one area or another.

Casemiro lamented after missing a clear chance. His comfortable header, after a free kick in which he beat Bruno, went well above the goal defended by Masip. There wasn’t time for much more. The game was open and, with that good image offered by Real Valladolid, the break was reached with the initial 0-0.

With the same 22 players, the match was resumed, under the same parameters as in the previous one. With a well-intentioned Real Valladolid, who had a great opportunity to open the scoring, after a defensive failure of the visiting team, but again Courtois prevented the local goal, clearing Orellana’s point-blank shot.


LaLiga Santander: Real Valladolid – Real Madrid

Before, Casemiro was left alone in the auction after a corner and, again, he went wide. But it was the Valladolid people who showed the most offensive bite, insistently looking for the Madrid area. But, once again, when the Blanquivioleta team was playing better, the rival’s goal arrived.

At the third time they say it’s the charm, and Casemiro achieved an effective header after a corner, which surprised Masip, thus raising the first goal to the electronic. Sergio González moved the bench, bringing in two forwards: Weissman and Kodro, to seek the tie, shortly after Zidane introduced Isco, Hugo Duro and Arribas.

But the changes did not imply any variation in the future of the clash and, although the Valladolid people threw the rest in search of a point, they could do nothing to prevent the triumph of Madrid, which thus cuts the points of the leader, after his stumble against Levante .

0 – Real Valladolid: Masip; Luis Pérez, Joaquín, Bruno, Nacho; Alcaraz (Fede San Emeterio, m.83), Roque Mesa (Kodro, m.72); Orellana, Kike Pérez (Óscar Plano, m.83), Janko (Jota, m.60); Guardiola (Weissman, m.72).

1 – Real Madrid: Courtois; Lucas Vázquez, Varane, Nacho, Mendy; Modric, Casemiro, Kroos; Asensio (Isco, m.67), Mariano (Hugo Duro, m.67), Vinicius (Arribas, m.67).

Goals: 0-1, m.65: Casemiro.

Referee: Guillermo Cuadra Fernández (Balearic Committee). He showed yellow cardboard to Rubén Alcaraz (m.60), Nacho Martínez (m.70), Orellana (m.76), Óscar Plano (m.85), from Real Valladolid, and to Lucas Vázquez (m.69), Arribas ( m.78), of Real Madrid.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the twenty-fourth day of LaLiga Santander, played at the José Zorrilla stadium. More than a thousand Baby Pelones occupied the seats of the stadium to give visibility to childhood cancer, the leading cause of death from illness in children.


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