Casemiro changes Madrid for Manchester United

Casemiro, along with Modric and Kroos in a midfield that is already history.


The Brazilian signs a succulent contract with Manchester United and leaves 70 million fixed in the white coffers plus another 15 in variables

Jose Manuel Andres

Football is totally unpredictable. Everything was calm at Real Madrid until just a few days ago. A placid market after a successful season, two reinforcements and continuity in a winning block. Nothing seemed to alter the calm in Chamartín until Manchester United, desperate after a horrible start to the season, burst like an elephant into a china shop in search of Casemiro, a pillar of a golden age and third point of the trident who, together with Modric and Kroos have dominated European football with an iron fist in recent times.

All this is now history, as the Brazilian has decided to accept the challenge of leaving the comfort zone with a bag full of titles, up to 18 including five Champions. He changes the Santiago Bernabéu for Old Trafford, the European and League champion for a team that will not even play in the next edition of the Champions League and right now is bottom of the English Premier League. A major challenge or a leap into the void, only the future will tell, but hand in hand with an astronomical contract, which will tie the Brazilian midfielder to Manchester United until 2026, with a more optional campaign, and a salary that practically doubles what he he had in Madrid, around eleven million euros gross per season.

The Brazilian trained yesterday with his teammates in Valdebebas. In what has been his home for so long, accompanied by many of the footballers with whom he has built a legendary team. As if nothing had happened, smiling and relaxed, but the truth is that the procession was inside and the midfielder was already negotiating the terms of his new contract with United. Everything was resolved with enormous speed, typical of an outcome that the three parties assumed to be irreversible. A dizzying offer of 70 million fixed euros plus another 15 in variables ended up settling the operation as quickly as it was impressive.

No return

“Both the club and I understand it. For what he has done at this club and the person he is, we have to respect this desire that he has », Ancelotti explained at a press conference. He once again acted as the perfect spokesman for the club's sentiment. It was at that precise moment that Real Madrid understood that there was no turning back.

To remember nine seasons in white, divided into two stages. The first after his arrival on loan from Sao Paulo to Castilla in January 2013, with his debut with the first team at the hands of José Mourinho, a purchase for six million euros and already with a noteworthy participation in the following course, the first of Ancelotti and the one of the 'Décima'. Then came his transfer to Porto, his return and an unforgettable stage for the club and the player. A kind of golden age, perhaps only surpassed by the brilliance of the white ballet of the fifties. Together with Toni Kroos, who arrived in that same 2014-15 campaign, and Modric, who had already been a Real Madrid player since 2012, they have formed one of the best midfielders in the history of football.

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