Case prosecutor Lava Jato denounces Peru's attorney general for cover-up

Case prosecutor Lava Jato denounces Peru's attorney general for cover-up

The prosecutor of the Lava Jato case, José Domingo Pérez, today denounced the prosecutor of the Nation, Pedro Chávarry, in the context of the investigations against former presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori for money laundering.

A resolution of Perez shared on social networks accused Chávarry of the alleged commission of the crime against the administration of justice in the forms of personal and real cover-up.

Prosecutor Perez is a member of the Special Task Force of the Public Prosecutor for the Lava Jato case and maintains an open confrontation with Chávarry, whom he has identified as a member of a corrupt mafia in the judicial system, called Los Cuellos Blancos del Puerto.

"It has become known that Mr. Pedro Gonzalo Chávarry Vallejos, prosecutor of the Nation, through the Secretary General Aldo León Patiño, has executed acts to hinder or obstruct the effective collaboration agreement with the Odebrecht company," added the resolution published by the portal of the newspaper El Comercio.

Leon requested the coordinator of the Special Team. Rafael Vela, who will report on "alleged questions" to the conditions of the collaboration agreement, which will allow a new round of interrogations to Odebrecht executives next January.

Among those investigated in this case are Keiko Fujimori, as leader of the opposition Popular Force, and the presidents Alejandro Toledo (2001-2006), Alan García (2006-2011), Ollanta Humala (2011-2016) and Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (2016 -2018).

Perez said that Chávarry seeks to "ensure that the process of collaboration with the Odebrecht company does not end satisfactorily," which would mean that "the various sources of evidence" in the case against Fujimori and others for money laundering "can not be used in a possible judging ", nor receive more information in these investigations.

Prosecutor Perez asked the Office of the Special Prosecutor Coordinator of the Special Team to submit his inquiries to the Office of the Prosecutor of the Nation in order to proceed according to the procedure established in the Code of Criminal Procedure.

Perez's accusation against Chávarry is known only a few hours after the arrest of Superior Prosecutor Abel Concha, in the context of an investigation into the alleged corruption of officials.

Last week the prosecution opened a preliminary investigation against prosecutor Concha for allegedly receiving a bribe to favor the suspended mayor of Chiclayo, David Cornejo, in the investigations that are followed for alleged corruption.

Concha was called as the candidate of Chávarry to be part of the Special Team of the Lava Jato case, probably replacing Pérez, which was denied by the attorney general, through his Twitter account.

"I categorically dismiss any kind of connection with the superior prosecutor Abel Concha, who was never considered to be part of the Special Team, and rumors that say so are false," said Chávarry.

He also added that the Supreme Prosecutor Jesús Fernández Alarcón, in charge of the investigation of the case, was appointed during his tenure in the Office of the Special Prosecutor for Crimes Committed by Public Officials last August.


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