Case of masks: The Audience of Accounts sees indications of accounting responsibility of Health

In the file image, the directors of the Canarian Executive Julio Pérez and Blas Trujillo. / C7

The institution warns in a draft report that the SCS gave the green light to an expense of 41.76 million without authorization from the Government, an action that is contrary to the law

Francisco Jose Fajardo

Hearing of Accounts of the Canary Islands sees signs of
accounting responsibility of the Ministry of Health in the contract of four million euros that he signed
with the company RR7 United SL for
shipment of FFP3 masks that never arrived to the health professionals of the islands. The supervisory body has also detected that the Canary Islands Health Service (SCS) gave the green light to
41.76 million expenses for material against covid without authorization of the Government Council, as provided for in the Budget Law for the autonomous community of the Canary Islands.

The document, to which this newspaper has had access, is entitled 'Control of the effects of covid-19 on the budget and contracting of the autonomous community of the Canary Islands' and is signed by the
President of the Audiencia de Cuentas, Pedro Pacheco. In it, they confirmed that the General Directorate of Economic Resources (DGRE) of the
Canary Health Service“authorized expenses”, exceeding “the established thresholds” in the mandatory rule that set the maximum limit at two million euros, without stating "that for the realization of the same there is
requested authorization from the government of the Canary Islands".

The total amount of these contracts awarded through the emergency procedure analyzed by the Audiencia de Cuentas
added the figure of 41.8 million eurosamong which are the
four transferred to the limited company
RR7 United investigating the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor for an alleged crime of fraud.

The Public Ministry also conducts inquiries to find out if the public administration committed
prevarication and embezzlement of public funds during the processing of this contract
for one million 3M model 1860 masks that they paid in advance and is in the embargo phase on the successful bidder for non-compliance with it.

The contact with RR7 was after a message sent to the SCS by a member of the Health Emergency Management Committee

The draft report of this external control body highlights that, in none of the verified files, the Ministry of Health verified that it had "requested the companies with which it has contracted the acquisition of medical devices the
minimum supporting documentation necessary to contract with public administrations», at least to those with whom «he contracted repeatedly -and with whom he had previously had no relationship- and whose award amount was greater than one million euros».

The document insists that the fact that
did not ask the bidders for «accreditation of their capacity to act", motivated the SCS to formalize contracts with companies whose
social object was "the sale and repair of automobiles, construction and assembly of ships, agricultural and livestock activities, acquisition and storage of industrial supplies, etc., whose relationship with the products to be
acquire was non-existent».

By a WhatsApp message

In this way, the verifications carried out by the Court allowed it to verify that the contracting of RR7 United SL for the purchase of one million masks was carried out by the DGRE «at the proposal of
one of the members of the Health Emergency Management Committee of the Canary Islands via mobile message». According to the report, this person sent to the SCS address “
the offer and the tax identification card of the company» RR7 United SL which was dedicated to the
purchase and sale of vehicles and had a share capital of only 3,000 euros.

This delivery system
WhatsApp messages to contact alleged suppliers, and according to a report dated June 28, 2021 by the DGRE, it was
"one of the employees to initiate this type of procedure"together with the consultations made to the usual suppliers of the SCS and the proposals of the managements through the Covid-19 Purchasing Center created for this purpose by the Canarian Executive.

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