Case Gaztelueta: A teacher of a school of the Opus de Bizkaia condemned to 11 years of prison for sexual abuse | Society

The ex-teacher of the Gaztelueta school in Leioa (Bizkaia), which belongs to the Opus Dei, has been sentenced to 11 years in prison for sexually abusing a minor who was guardian between 2008 and 2010, according to the ruling that has been made public this Thursday from the Basque provincial audience. The teacher, José María Martínez, has also been prohibited from approaching the victim for 15 years and must pay the procedural costs. The professor, who has denied at all times the crimes for which he has been convicted, has not communicated whether he is going to lodge an appeal.

The trial was held between 4 and 11 of last October and the sentence comes after the family reported the facts seven years ago and the Vatican began an ecclesiastical process against the accused, which he considered innocent. The center, in addition to supporting the professor's version, created in September a web of information on the case.

The abuses began in 2008, when the victim began high school studies in that school, private but subsidized with public funds. The accused, in addition to being his teacher of Religion and Language, was his tutor and frequently took the young man to his office to perform tutorials and where, for two years, he abused him. The teacher, according to the family, also ridiculed the child in class, which generated bullying on the part of some classmates. According to the father's statements, the victim attempted suicide twice.

Seven years of trials

In 2010, the parents decided to change the child center and in 2011 the child began to suffer cyberbullying by his former colleagues in the social network Tuenti. The family informed the Directorate of the Gaztelueta and the Office of the Prosecutor for Minors, although it did not denounce the sexual abuse "by medical prescription": they did not want to submit the child to a trial. In September 2011, Martinez traveled to Australia as a teacher to improve his English, and justice closed the investigation of the case a few months later, in May 2012, after two colleagues confessed to harassing the young man. In December of that year, the newspaper The world He uncovered the case of the abuses and the superior prosecutor of the Basque Country, before the news in the press, reopened the case, but was forced to close it again for lack of evidence.

At the end of 2014, Pope Francis began a canonical process to clarify the facts and informed the family through a handwritten letter; then the ecclesiastical courts did not see crime and They asked that "the good name of the professor be restored". The following year, when the victim was of legal age, he complained to the civil courts and the judge of the Court of First Instance number 5 of Getxo (Bizkaia), Emilio Lamo, imputed to Martinez for pedophilia. In February of this year announced the trial date for this October.


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