April 11, 2021

Casado’s veto of United We can members blocks the renewal of the Judiciary

The PSOE has not achieved its objective of reaching a global agreement for the renewal of the institutions whose mandate has expired. The main stumbling block is at this point in the negotiation –which is still open– Pablo Casado’s veto of members proposed by United We Can. Specifically, those of Pablo Iglesias asked Pedro Sánchez that the current government delegate for the fight against sexist violence, Victoria Rosell, who was a deputy of the confederal group, and the magistrate José Ricardo de Prada, who was one of the magistrates of the Gürtel ruling and responsible for the passages that considered box B of the PP as accredited and that caused the motion of censure against Mariano Rajoy. The PP rejects both proposals.

PSOE and PP close an agreement to renew RTVE and continue negotiating the Judicial Power

PSOE and PP close an agreement to renew RTVE and continue negotiating the Judicial Power

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This refusal complicates the negotiation, although both PSOE and PP assure that it is still underway after have closed an agreement for the election of the Board of Directors of RTVE that is voted this Thursday. “We do not accept vetoes – sources from the confederal group warned this Wednesday -. If they agree with the PP without us they will not have our votes when they vote.” Sources of the confederal group have confirmed to elDiario.es that Rosell and De Prada are their proposals.

Moncloa is negotiating with Genoa on behalf of the coalition government. The Secretary General of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, is in charge of steering the talks by the Government. Socialists have always maintained that their interlocutors defend the position of the coalition government, that is, that they represent both parties in the face of the PP’s attempt to exclude United We Can from the negotiation,

But regardless of who sits at the table during the negotiations, the PP does not want to accept names that United We can say are its quota within the governing body of the judges. And that is the main entrenchment at this time, according to the sources consulted by elDiario.es, although not the only one.

Even so, PP and PSOE have ensured in separate statements this morning that the negotiations are still underway after closing in extremis the agreement for RTVE. In the package, in addition to the CGPJ are the Constitutional Court, the Ombudsman, the Court of Accounts and the Spanish Agency for Data Protection. The governing body of the judges, in particular, has been in office for more than two years after in 2018 a message from the then PP spokesman in the Senate, Ignacio Cosidó, boasting that they would control the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court “from behind “blow up the pact, which included Manuel Marchena as president of the CGPJ. Marchena resigned immediately.

With these precedents, United We can argue that the PP cannot reject any name they propose and argue that the PSOE will have to decide whether to accept the veto – and the unity of action in the Executive is broken – or to maintain pressure. PSOE and United We Can a few months ago registered a bill to change the majorities necessary for the renewal of the CGPJ with which they would circumvent the blockade. Pedro Sánchez put that initiative in the freezer to give an opportunity to negotiation with Pablo Casado, who once after the Catalan elections and with a horizon of stability without elections at the front, has been closer to prospering than ever this week.


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