Casado’s PP is once again involved in Europe with women’s rights

The popular Spaniards stumble once again with women’s rights in the European Parliament. This week, Pablo Casado MEPs voted against the condemnation of the ‘de facto’ ban on abortion in the State of Texas. After the debate in the plenary of Strasbourg, MEPs adopted a resolution on Thursday, with 381 votes in favor, 253 against and 36 abstentions, in which they expressed their solidarity and support for Texas women, medical professionals, NGOs and “those who collaborate in legal challenges against bill n. 8 of the Senate, which constitutes a flagrant violation of the rights of women living in the State. ”

Together with the popular Spanish, the entire extreme right and the majority of the European PP voted.

But it was not the only vote in which the popular Spaniards leaned against women’s rights. During the debate on the report against sexist violence in child custody disputes, MEPs voted against two relevant amendments, although in the end they voted yes – except for Benjumea and Zarzalejos, who abstained – in the general vote on the full report, which, precisely, included the amendments they had previously rejected.

According to the report approved in Strasbourg, child custody disputes constitute a form of gender-based violence when a violent parent uses them to continue harming their victims. The report was adopted on Wednesday with 510 votes in favor, 31 against – mainly from the extreme right – and 141 abstentions, and it called for urgent measures to protect victims of gender violence in disputes over child custody.

And what were those amendments that the PP and the extreme right voted against? Those that referred to the help of women victims of abuse and those that asked the States not to recognize the parental alignment syndrome in separation processes.

The head of the Podemos delegation in the European Parliament and vice president of the Feminism commission, María Eugenia Rodríguez Palop, charged against the votes of Casado’s PP.

The first, Amendment 14, which was also opposed by all Citizens except Soraya Rodríguez, “recommends that Member States provide alternative mechanisms for victims who do not file a complaint so that they can exercise the rights recognized to victims of violence in their lives. couple, such as social and labor rights, for example, through expert reports prepared by specialized public services that prove the condition of victim of gender violence “.

The second amendment that the PP voted against, together with the extreme right and Citizens José Ramón Bauzá MEP, was number 41, it said: “It asks the Member States not to recognize the parental alienation syndrome in their judicial practice and its legislation and that discourage or even prohibit its use in judicial proceedings, in particular during investigations to determine the existence of violence. ”


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