September 25, 2020

Casado winks at businessmen to prepare the ground for his vote against the Budgets

In the midst of an unprecedented crisis, with the European institutions and business organizations demanding unity of action from the Government and the opposition in economic matters, the leader of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, has begun to prepare the ground to justify before the big businessmen, They are also awaiting the arrival of European funds, their foreseeable rejection of the new General State Budgets, which the progressive Executive plans to present in the coming weeks and which it considers essential to channel this aid.

Casado seeks a firewall to save his leadership and promises to expel those involved in the espionage of Bárcenas from the PP

Casado promises to throw out those involved in espionage Bárcenas

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Married used this Tuesday his intervention at the closing of the General Assembly of the Madrid Business Confederation-CEOE (CEIM), the main group of Madrid businessmen, to make some first winks to the employers in the form of ultra-liberal economic proposals, focused on the massive reduction of taxes or on the flexibility of the labor market and the deregulation. His appearance also came just 24 hours after the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso – Casado’s personal bet, whose policies he cites as an example of what he would do throughout Spain- promised a tax reduction of personal income tax generalized that will benefit the highest income most.

That of the businessmen is the group to which a large part of the PP’s economic proposals are traditionally addressed, but since the outbreak of the pandemic, a multitude of agreements with the progressive government in labor matters, thus dynamiting the traditional discourse of the right that is usually attributed exclusively the ability to negotiate with the employer.

The images of the main business leaders together with the Executive of PSOE and United We Can have been annoyed by this especially in Genoa 13, which is receiving pressure to bring the PP closer to the Government both in economic matters and for the renewal of constitutional bodies such as the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ).

Emphasizes the “social work” of entrepreneurs

The popular leadership, although it is reluctant to confirm its ‘no’ to the Budgets, arguing that “as of today they do not even have a draft, a spending ceiling or a deficit path”, is convinced that it cannot support them. if he wants to present himself as an “alternative” to the left, to try to reach Moncloa in four years.

With the double objective of justifying this rejection of public accounts and, at the same time, reconcile with the bosses that the popular consider that they have ‘betrayed’ them because of their agreements with the Government, Casado delivered a speech justifying his measures and flattering towards entrepreneurs. “The social work of businessmen has become evident in the pandemic,” highlighted the leader of the PP, who addressed those present, among whom were some of the executives of the most important companies in the country, as well as the president of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, telling them the following: “You create employment, and without employment there can be no social benefits.”

As the beginning of the string of promises he made to the employers, Casado stated that “the logical thing is that companies that have not recovered their activity” and are making “a great effort to maintain the workforce and pay the rent do not have to return a ICO credit when collection, activity, sales or export has not recovered “.

For this reason, the leader of the PP considered “urgent” to increase the period of grace of ICO funds to the self-employed by one year, as his party has registered in the Cortes, to extend the ERTE and apply an “immediate fiscal plan” that exempt companies from taxes “to avoid their closure and that workers lose their jobs.”

The defense of a “free economy”

Casado also proposes to lower corporate tax to below 20%, reduce personal income tax in all sections, eliminate Inheritance and Donations and Heritage taxes, promote an “attractive tax plan” for business relocation and eliminate the Tax on Documented Legal Acts.

Those proposed this Tuesday by the leader of the PP before the bosses are, in any case, commitments that he has been raising since his arrival to the presidency of the party, in 2018, like advocating a “free economy” and more deregulation: “For every approved rule we would repeal two”, Casado pointed out at the closing of the CEIM General Assembly.

Other nods to employers made by the leader of the PP are his commitment to keep intact the 2012 labor reform that the Government has proposed to reform, the creation of a new modality of subsidized hiring for workers who have lost their jobs due to the COVID or the extension of the flat rate for the self-employed.

The proposals of the leader of the PP are, for the moment, more a declaration of intentions of the ultraliberal model with which it intends to attract part of the business community to its orbit, than measures with the possibility of being implemented. The popular ones are in the opposition and have not taken off in the polls after several hits at the polls since the departure of Mariano Rajoy.


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