September 26, 2020

Casado tries to dispatch the dismissal of Álvarez de Toledo with a meeting by videoconference and without a press conference

The leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, tries to settle as soon as possible the dust that has raised the dismissal of the parliamentary spokesperson Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo. He does it this Thursday in a meeting with the National Board of Directors by videoconference – no baron has attended the meeting in Genoa, 13 – and without a subsequent press conference, confirm sources from the PP, who assure that the party does not make statements if the board meets broadcasts open, as in this case. The meeting also formalizes the appointment of Cuca Gamarra, former mayor of Logroño, as the new spokesperson for Congress and the councilor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, as the party’s national spokesperson.

The turn to moderation that Casado stages: change of faces without questioning the pacts with the extreme right

The turn to moderation that Casado stages: change of faces without questioning the pacts with the extreme right

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Casado will not give, therefore, a public response to the harsh attacks of what was his personal bet for the spokesperson of Congress despite the opposition of the barons. “Mr. Casado considers that my conception of freedom is incompatible with his authority. It is a vision of his authority that I do not share”, Álvarez de Toledo said in an extensive appearance which has suffocated the PP in the middle of August. The party is still recovering from the shock of seeing how the former number one in Congress dismantled what was previously its “president” and is now simply “Mr. Casado.”

After the departure of Álvarez de Toledo, the national leader has opted for silence although his environment has made the tone of the still MP for Barcelona ugly in leaks to the media as “inelegant” and has slipped that his dismissal weighed the Criticism of the king’s exile in the United Arab Emirates, collected in an interview published last Sunday by the newspaper El País that Casado considered an attack “on his authority,” according to Álvarez de Toledo.

“I do not comment on private conversations,” Andrea Levy, number two of the Madrid City Council, said in front of the microphones upon arrival in Genoa. Nobody in the PP, except for exceptions like Esperanza Aguirre, regretted the departure of the parliamentary spokesperson.

The movement, on the contrary, has been endorsed – if not pushed – by the barons of the formation and clears the way to rebuild relations with the leader. In public, the autonomic leaders of the PP have played down the importance of turning the tide at the top of the party. Alberto Núñez Feijóo framed the “change”, thus referring to the dismissal, as a decision that falls within the normal functioning of the political parties that falls within the “competences” of the president. “It is up to him to explain the motivation,” he said.

Speaking to La Razón, the Murcian president, Fernando López Miras, considers that the decision has been “very successful.” “The president makes his decisions based on the people and the search for solutions, not giving in to what other political groups say.” The recently promoted mayor of Madrid considers that “another stage” is opening and that Cuca Gamarra is a “more suitable person.”

Casado gathers his people this Thursday in August to begin to draw the general lines of the political strategy for the coming year, which involves removing the most ideological profiles and focusing on “management.”


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