September 24, 2020

Casado supports the agreement to raise the SMI to 950 euros – La Provincia

The leader of the PP,Pablo Casado, has defended this Tuesday in front of the union leaders ofUGTYWorkers Commissions, José María Álvarez and Unai Sordo, respectively, the labor reform approved by the Executive ofMariano Rajoyand that the current government plans to repeal a good part. Further,has supported the rise of the Minimum Interprofessional Salary(SMI) agreed last week by social agents but has called for more reforms to create employment and raise wages.

This is what Casado said during the two-hour meeting he has held at the national headquarters of the PP with the general secretaries of the two main trade union organizations, an appointment that is part of theround of contactswhich has opened the president of the PP with representatives of the business, economic and political sphere of Spain. In fact, this week he plans to meet with theCEOEand with the Association of Autonomous Workers (Tie).

During this meeting, Casado has advocated to promote social dialogue between unions and employers and has transferred the main economic measures of the PP, which go through thetax dropand the adoption of measures that increase employment and competitiveness, as reported by the party in a statement.

The leader of the PP has transferred to the unions that supports any agreement that is achieved through dialogue such as the one that has been closed between unions and employers to raise the Minimum Interprofessional Salary to 950 euros. Of course, he stressed that reforms must be made so that the economy grows, increases employment andthus increase wages, “not to do it artificially.”

The benefits of labor reform

The president of the PP has also reminded the leaders of CCOO and UGT that the current labor reform has allowed to create more than two million jobs in our country and boost the economy in a time of crisis that, according to the PP, meant astrong job destructionWith thousands of families unemployed.

Similarly, the president of the PP has shown hisrestlessness so much about the progress of the economy, whose indicators reflect “a worrying slowdown,” which has led to an increase in unemployment in recent months, such as the tax increase announced by the Government, the party added.

Married already met with union leaders in 2018, after being elected president of the Popular Party, as with the then president of the CEOE and the Association of Autonomous Workers (ATA). With the latter, Casado will meet again on Wednesday opening the meeting of its Board of Directors.

Deaf asks to reach basic consensus

For his part, the secretary general of Comisiones Obreras has recognized after this meeting with Casado that he does not share the vision of the PP that the last labor reform has contributed to job creation. In his opinion,it is “necessary” to make a “correction or repeal”of that labor reform in order to “improve the quality of employment” in the country.

Regarding taxation, Sordo has also emphasized the differences, defending that the difference in the tax contribution between Spain and the European average must be reduced, compared to what he considersa “suicidal” measureof the PP to lower “generalized” taxes.

However, Sordo has celebrated that Casado has transferred the “support” of his training to the rise of the SMI to 950 euros, being the product of social dialogue, although he has also asked the leader of the PP that Spain “need to lower the level of political tensionand a PP that is in other positions to reach basic consensus. “


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