August 12, 2020

Casado supports Sánchez but accuses him of “ineffectiveness” and “negligence” for not acting sooner

In his speech in the plenary session of Congress, Casado said that Sánchez’s intervention has left him “more concerned” and stressed that the country is not “for more meetings or manuals of resistance” but that the Spanish need “solutions” . “Spain is in mourning and this, Mr. Sánchez, is not going well,” he snapped, after recalling the latest figures for the deceased and infected.

The PP president has affirmed that the Spanish are complying with the sacrifices but the Government is not “responding to the height of the efforts.” One more day he has complained about the lack of medical supplies and has said that, since the Government recognizes that they are in a war, the soldiers do not go to war “without helmets, vests or ammunition” as they do now in the absence of masks or respirators.


Married has said that the Health Minister, Salvador Illa, has acknowledged that the end of February was key in the expansion of the virus in Spain, when massive events and acts had still been scheduled, and he has dismissed Sánchez that he did not recognize it. Nor “apologize” for “such gross negligence.” “Time will have to ask for responsibilities. I will not do it now,” he added.

Finally, he assured that his party has not presented amendments to the extension of the state of alarm because they are actually in “a state of exception” but he has said that “they will still vote in favor of a sense of state and institutional loyalty.” In addition, he has proposed that the official flags be flown at half-staff for the duration of the pandemic, a state funeral and a monument in the center of Madrid.



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