Casado suffers a trickle of casualties among his affines in his pulse for staying in front of the PP

The count of soldiers before the next battle for control of the PP leaves a trail of desertions on Pablo Casado's side. On Monday, a National Board of Directors, the highest body of the party, will foreseeably be held to debate the date of the congress that will decide who leads the organization. At the moment the more than 400 members of said body have not been summoned, but the ranks of those who demand that the militancy be given a voice as soon as possible and that, until then, the party be directed by a manager are increasing in number.

How to kick a president out of the PP: an instruction manual

How to kick a president out of the PP: an instruction manual

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One of the last to pronounce was the president of the PP of Ceuta, Juan José Vivas. In a message on Twitter, the party assures that Vivas "shares the position" of the president of the Xunta de Galicia, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, and demands "urgent decisions so that the PP crisis is closed as soon as possible."

Vivas was the last of the presidents of regional institutions that had not yet ruled on the resolution of the crisis, whose trigger was the open war for control of the PP in Madrid on account of payments to a brother of Isabel Díaz Ayuso . The path was marked by Feijóo himself, who called for an "urgent" solution over the weekend, which is interpreted as calling for an extraordinary congress to be held as soon as possible.

The positions are changing and throughout the weekend a manifesto has been promoted that, in addition, demands the resignation of the current leadership and that a manager lead the party to the conclave. This petition was distributed on social networks. One of the people who did it this Monday, in the middle of the Management Committee meeting, was Adrián Pardo, deputy in the Galician Parliament and leader of New Generations in the region.

The Galician sector is one of the most mobilized. Four of the ten deputies that the PP achieved in the region have already shown their public disagreement with Pablo Casado. They are Ana Belen VazquezCelso Delgado, Marta González and Javier Bas.

In the Casado Management Committee there are two other Galician leaders, Ana Pastor and Jaime de Olano, who has also made public his defection from the side of the president of the PP to demand a congress as soon as possible and, in addition, that the leadership resign.

At Monday's meeting, which lasted from eleven in the morning until eight in the afternoon, both Pastor and Olano raised with the president of the PP the need to convene a National Board of Directors, the only body that can debate and convene, in its case, an extraordinary congress. Both are also deputies, although formally they have not opted for anyone. For now, Pastor maintains public silence.

Some media also point out that the first resignation in the hard core of Pablo Casado's management would have already taken place. The president of the Electoral Committee of the PP, Belén Hoyo, would have resigned from the position. According to various sources consulted by, on Monday there was in fact the threat of resignation of half of said body if the Board of Directors was not convened. Among those who proposed their resignation, other positions very close to Casado, such as the president of the Guarantees Committee, Andrea Levy, or the parliamentary spokesmen: Cuca Gamarra, Javier Maroto and Dolors Montserrat.

The PP of the Valencian Community is added to the list, in addition to the parties of that region at the provincial level. "We need unity. It is necessary to celebrate an extraordinary and urgent congress that gives a voice to our militants and that marks strong leaderships that lead the Popular Party to the Government of Spain and that contribute to the change for which we are working in the Valencian Community", he assures the PPCV in a statement.

Unlike other manifestos, that of the organization led by Carlos Mazón does not claim that a manager be appointed to lead the party until said congress. But the movement is relevant because Mazón was a person of Casado's utmost confidence, in addition to that of the secretary general, Teodoro García Egea. In fact, it was in Valencia where the PP national convention closed in October 2021.

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