May 15, 2021

Casado stresses that Rufián has revealed that the pact includes referendum and amnesty for convicted prisoners

The leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, said on Saturday that the spokesman of the Republicans in Congress, Gabriel Rufián, has revealed that the agreement reached between PSOE and ERC includes referendum, self-determination and amnesty for prisoners convicted of sedition.

In his speech at the investiture session, Rufián has warned the socialist Pedro Sánchez that if he does not fulfill his commitment to sit at a dialogue table with the Government of the Generalitat, the legislature will end. In addition, he stressed that there will be no vetoes at that table, so that each party can talk about what they want and ERC will talk about “self-determination and amnesty.”

According to Casado, in his intervention Rufián “discovers the pact he demands to invest in Sanchez: referendum, self-determination, peer-to-peer in Catalonia and Spain, and amnesty for prisoners convicted of sedition.”

“Sanchez takes the Spaniards hostage for his infamous negotiation to remain in power,” denounced the president of the ‘popular’ in a message on his official Twitter account, which has collected Europa Press.


In similar terms, the spokesperson of the Popular Group in Congress, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, who indicated that in Sánchez’s reply to the ERC spokesman “have attended a lacerating humiliation” has been expressed. As he said, Rufián “has raised the price of the investiture by talking about amnesty and self-determination” and the socialist candidate has dedicated himself to “shut up with a half smile”.

In his view, that attitude means “taking” the price and starting to “pay it right away.” “This has not been an investiture to the Presidency of the Government but really an onslaught against the Spanish rule of law,” he emphasized.

Álvarez de Toledo has stressed that Rufián has called the Spanish Justice “coup” and has “attacking the rule of law and democratic institutions”, and has charged Sánchez for not coming out in his defense and speaking in his initial speech even of ” right-handed zancadillas “for his appeal to the Electoral Board to disable Quim Torra. Moreover, he has accused Sánchez of “attacking the TC saying that he had exceeded his sentence on the Statute.”

For this reason, he has made a call “to the Democrats”, with special mention to the deputies of the PSOE and parties such as Teruel Existe, to defend the Spanish rule of law against the “concerted attack” that “leads” the leader himself socialist. “The obligation of every Democrat is to go out in defense of the rule of law and all the deputies of the PSOE and other groups would have to make a deep and deep reflection at this time,” he said.


Álvarez de Toledo has stated that Rufián has talked about several points: amnesty, self-determination and a dialogue table, making it clear that “without a table there is no legislature.” However, he has criticized Sánchez’s silence. “He who silences grants. Assumes that price and begins to pay it from today,” has abounded.

Finally, the spokeswoman of the Popular Group has guaranteed that the PP will “do everything possible and necessary to defend the rule of law” before the dialogue table agreed by PSOE and ERC. “We are going to get these solvent agreements for the rule of law to become wet paper,” he said.


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