May 14, 2021

Casado spoke with Arrimadas “three hours after” hearing the motion in Murcia and says that Ayuso will have an absolute majority

The president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, has been very upset this Thursday with the “serious irresponsibility” and the “serious error” that meant that yesterday Ciudadanos broke the Murcian Executive and joined the PSOE to present a motion of censure against the PP both in the autonomous parliament and in the city hall of the regional capital, a decision for which Inés Arrimadas is held responsible, with which, as he has said, he did not speak yesterday until “three hours after” the news of the presentation was known. of the aforementioned motion. That gesture supposed the definitive clash between Casado and Arrimadas after months of estrangement.

The morning in which a motion of censure in Murcia broke the weak coalition in Madrid

The morning in which a motion of censure in Murcia broke the weak coalition in Madrid

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In response to the Citizens’ maneuver in Murcia, the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, broke her coalition government with the Arrimadas party and announced the advancement of the elections for May 4, a decision that Casado has assured to share. “Ayuso has our full support, he has done everything possible for two years to maintain the political stability of the legislature, he has received all kinds of unfair criticism,” he denounced, after participating in an event on the International Day of the Victims of Terrorism.

“The people of Madrid and the rest of Spaniards have realized that he is an effective, honest and principled person. What Isabel Díaz Ayuso represents right now is to continue defending freedom in Madrid, to lower taxes, to open the hotel business, so that tourism returns, so that you can choose a school freely, so that there is concerted education, so that you can continue to choose a hospital, to continue opening public hospitals, to continue opening kilometers of metro in the Community of Madrid “, he added.

“The people of Madrid will be able to unite the center right”

Using the same simile that Díaz Ayuso herself used yesterday, Casado has considered that in the Madrid elections “a choice will be made between socialism or freedom.” In addition, he has considered that these elections “are going to be the first stage of the unity of the center-right around the PP.” “I have been trying for three years with the rest of the center and right-wing parties. If they have not wanted it, we will do it now for the base,” he warned, referring to Citizens and Vox.

“The people of Madrid will be able to unite the center right on the PP ballot to govern with an absolute majority in the Community of Madrid,” he concluded in a brief statement to the media.


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