Casado says that there is no point in extending the state of alarm and demands that he be removed from ERTES because it is “blackmail”

The PP leader, Pablo Casado, considers that “it does not make sense” for the state of alarm to continue “beyond 60 days”, since, in his opinion, the de-escalation “no longer needs” this “exceptional” instrument that limits rights and freedoms. That said, he has demanded the chief executive, Pedro Sánchez, to unlink the payment of the ERTES benefit and liquidity to SMEs and the self-employed from the state of alarm because, in his opinion, it is “blackmail” and “immoral”.

“In the terms in which we know it, we cannot support the extension of the state of alarm,” Casado said in an interview on Onda Cero, collected by Europa Press, in which he insisted that the Government has basic legislation to deal with the current situation derived from the pandemic such as the Public Health Law, the Civil Protection Law or the National Security Law.

Married explained that the state of alarm has been necessary to avoid “the collapse” of the ICU but added that, once Sánchez himself says that you can go out to “take the vermouth”, you have to adapt the legal regulations to the situation.


The PP president has assured that “it does not make sense” that the state of alarm goes “beyond 60 days” because in the Constitution its “most serious counterpart”, which is the state of exception, has a two-month limitation.

At this point, he recalled that the PP said “from the first day” that the state of alarm approved by the Government “exceeded the constitutional scope”, given that its regulation in the Magna Carta “does not even foresee the limitation of rights fundamental as the circulation, the association or the manifestation “.

For all these reasons, he has reiterated that the PP considers that the state of alarm extended from this week “does not make any sense.” “The PP, today, with the information we have, considers that we cannot support the extension of the state of alarm,” he said, although he has not clarified whether that means that his party will opt for abstention.


Casado has stated that Sánchez’s statements on Saturday are “blackmail four million Spaniards who are out of work” by linking the provision of ERTEs and liquidity to companies to the state of alarm.

As he has said, this is something that the PP “cannot tolerate” and “there is nothing to talk about” with the Executive until it is made clear in the Council of Ministers on Tuesday that this will be done through other channels and will remain unrelated to the alarm state.

“We are telling him not to link the state of alarm to aid to millions of Spaniards who need it because he knows that he does not have to,” he emphasized, adding that once the government has stopped taking the Spaniards ” as hostages “they will be able to see what kind of legal measure they need for de-escalation.


Casado has reiterated that if the Government already maintains that it is moving towards the “new normal” it does not seem “logical to use this” exceptional “instrument. Furthermore, he has described as” an insult “to the Spaniards that Sánchez says he has no” plan b “.

The president of the ‘popular’ has once again reproached Sánchez for not having “more coordination” of the Government with the communities and the municipalities, given that they must be counted on to carry out the de-escalation in their territories “to fruition.”

Casado has affirmed that this position will be transferred to him this week when he calls him by phone before the vote on Wednesday in the plenary session of Congress for the extension of the state of alarm. “This way I will let you know when you want to call me, even if it is to comment on the press, as it always does,” he said.

After stressing that his party could not be “more generous”, he has stated that if Sánchez wants to propose “lines of negotiation what he has to do is inform” the PP and tell what his “supposed experts” tell them, and then get to ” a common point “with opposition, autonomies and municipalities. “This one-sidedness to be so ineffective and so incompetent cannot seek complicity in the opposition,” he warned.


In addition, he said that there should already be a recovery in the economy because if it does not open already, the “ravages of this economic slowdown will be very serious.” “Improvisation is deadly,” he asserted, to denounce that the Government did not detail until this last Sunday the conditions under which merchants could open their stores today.

Casado has affirmed that there are already 21 million Spaniards in Spain who depend on their income from the State and “only 14 million are active and contributing to the public coffers.” In his opinion, this situation is “unsustainable”. “Either we open the economy or the Welfare State, pensions, health and public education are not going to be sustainable,” he warned.

When asked if the PP would lift all restrictions today if it governed, he indicated that he would have a “serological map of infections, there would be massive test ceiling from the first week and they would not be leading Spain to economic ruin and the highest number of infections of all the world”.

In his opinion, it is necessary to provide protection measures and make the maximum possible tests to “open the economy as much as possible”. “It takes foresight, competence, efficiency and respect,” he said, to add that the Prime Minister has lost respect for the Spanish.


Thus, he stressed that in the current situation facing Spain, “foresight, competence and efficiency” are needed, as well as “certainty” and a government that “respects the Spanish”. “The effectiveness in politics has been conspicuous by its absence with this government and we ask that it abandon pride and try to blame the opposition and the Spaniards themselves for their mistakes,” he has demanded.

Finally, he has accused Sánchez of having used the state of alarm to “modify the CNI, counter-reform the educational law, promote the euthanasia law, modify the terms of judicial instruction and, in passing, modify an organic law through a ministerial order ” In his opinion, all this is a “degradation of the democratic system that cannot be allowed”.


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