Casado says that the PP is being “loyal” with Sánchez but that he was not with Rajoy against Ebola

The leader of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, assured on Monday that his party is being “loyal” with the Government in the management of the coronavirus, an attitude that “contrasts” with what Pedro Sánchez himself had in his day before the crisis of Ebola, since, as he said, he “held” the then president Mariano Rajoy responsible for that health crisis.

In an interview on Telecinco, collected by Europa Press, Casado sent a message of “tranquility” to the coronavirus because Spain has “the best health system in all of Europe, with great professionals.” “We are being very loyal and responsible with the Government because in this we have to go together and the coordination has to be transversal enough so that the autonomous administrations in which the PP governs and the Ministry of Health go hand in hand”, has manifested

That said, he said that the attitude of loyalty of the PP “contrasts with what Pedro Sánchez did in other health crises such as Ebola.” Thus, he recalled that in a tweet from the then leader of the PSOE “he held Rajoy responsible for the Ebola crisis”, something that, he said, is of a “terrible baseness” that the PP will not do now.

In this regard, he stressed that the Ministry of Health has “all the support” of the PP and the President of the Government “all its support” to address this “health alert”, which they hope will not become “pandemic in Spain.” He added that the cases are now “located” as experts report.

The leader of the PP recalled that last week he chaired a meeting with the councilors of the autonomous communities governed by the Popular Party, with which they seek to have a “coordination” with the Ministry of Health. “What we ask in return is that the Ministry keep us informed and take all the measures that have to be done so that health centers and hospitals are not collapsed, not because the situation overflows, but because there are not enough isolated beds to be able to treat these patients, “he added.


The leader of the PP has admitted that there is “concern” about the economic consequences that the coronavirus is causing and has added that this type of “global threats” are “primed” especially with countries that do not have “a healthy economy to be able to do in the face of these contingencies. “

In this regard, he said that Sanchez has announced an increase in public spending and not a reduction of the deficit, something that, in his opinion, “if an unforeseen happens” allows you to “put money to alleviate it” as Italy has done. “I want to separate it clearly. But one thing is that you have a healthy economy and another thing is that there is a health threat. The relationship is that if you go too forced in your macroeconomic figures, any unforeseen cannot be effectively tackled.” , he said, to recognize that he does not agree with Sánchez’s spending policy.

In addition, he has taken advantage of Pedro Sánchez to “not pay the 2.5 billion euros” that he owes to the autonomies for VAT and that mostly these communities devote to health spending. Faced with this situation, he continued, “hardly those autonomies will have sound finances to respond to these types of threats.”

For all this, he stressed that the economy “is everything” and added that since Pedro Sánchez governs there are “more unemployed than when he arrived, the public debt has increased and the deficit is not being met.” In his opinion, if there is more unemployment, debt and deficit that is an “explosive cocktail that can lead to another economic crisis.”


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