Casado says Sánchez will break Social Security and cheat pensioners

The leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, has accused the socialist candidate for Moncloa, Pedro Sánchez, of wanting to break the Social Security system and of carrying out a “massive diversion of spending”, while he has recriminated that he deceives to the pensioners.

“I do not know how they do not lose their face of shame,” Casado snapped during his reply to Sanchez on the first day of the investiture debate at the Plenary Session and after criticizing an economic program that includes a “brutal rise of taxes. “

He has regretted that he wants to repeal the labor reform approved by the PP, “which created more than 2 million jobs” and asked him how he intends to comply with the 7,000 million euros of cuts required by Brussels to square the public deficit.

“The economic growth of Spain has fallen by 2% … How are you going to do it? Who is lying to Spain or Brussels?” He asked.

Casado has accused Sanchez of freezing pensions again by suspending the revaluation of 0.25% approved by the PP and said he has made “a massive deception to pensioners.”

Sanchez said during his speech that he will propose to all political forces and social agents a new Toledo Pact, which guarantees, through its shielding in the Constitution, the sustainability and sufficiency of the public pension system.

He has promised to update the pensions by law according to the IPC and expand widow’s pensions in cases of couples without a marriage bond.

For his part, Casado has also criticized him to propose a plan to combat tax fraud and has asked him to look “at the blue bank where there have been irregularities and the creation of opaque institutions to avoid paying taxes.”


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