March 2, 2021

Casado says he will do "everything possible" to unlock the investiture, but insists he will not abstain

The double message of the leader of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, has returned to be evident on Tuesday after his meeting with the acting President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, in the Congress of Deputies. On the one hand, the president of the popular has assured that he will put "everything possible so that the political situation is unlocked". On the other hand, on the other hand, Casado has said to maintain his position of "not facilitating the investiture" of Sánchez through the abstention of the PP.

That position is, in his opinion, "coherent" within its political program, because "millions of Spaniards do not want the left to rule". And the rejection of abstention adopts "responsibility" because "beyond leading the opposition it would not be good for Spain to run out of political alternatives, which is what would happen if the PP accepted a tactical abstention."

"For two months I have not made appeals or slogans, nor 'is not no', but this is a motivated and consistent decision," the leader of the PP has quashed. In a row, he has assured, however, that "you can not continue to waste time" by Sánchez delaying the investiture more. "Two months have passed and he is responsible for unlocking this situation."

In his fourth meeting with the socialist leader since the elections of 28A, Casado has returned to "reach out for state pacts." "We can reach a budget agreement (if you lower taxes), in territorial policy, I have asked you to make an effort so that they do not govern with the abstention of Batasuna's heirs and I have offered you a great water pact, an educational pact, an electoral pact, as well as agreements in justice, gender violence, infrastructures, pensions, or defense matters ".

For all this, the PP would be willing to give "stability" to the Executive. What is "compatible" with his refusal to abstain, because the popular, he explained, have "nothing to do with the current PSOE." Casado has put as an example of political efficiency the formation of government in Greece, where in just 12 hours after the elections "government and ministries have been set up". That is why he has recovered a proposal he has already launched in the PP Congress in which he was elected president: give a bonus of seats to the winner of the generals "so that this type of blockade does not continue to happen".

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