Sat. Feb 23rd, 2019

Casado reiterates to Sanchez that applies the 155 before a Generalitat "runaway"

Casado reitera a Sánchez que aplique el 155 ante una Generalitat “desbocada”

PP Y Cs they keep pointing to Pedro Sánchez on account of Catalonia. The presentation of Consell per la República in Brussels by the Catalan president Quim Torra and the new action of the CDR, this time cutting the AP-7 motorway at the height of L'Ampolla, has given more ammunition to the two competing parties to keep the pie of the political space of the right.

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In line with what was expressed yesterday in Zaragoza -and in multiple acts since last summer-, the president of the PP, Pablo Casado, has said that Pedro Sanchez must apply as soon as the article 155 of the Constitution before "a Generalitat that is out of control".

In his opinion, if Sánchez does not re-apply the 155 and the Generalitat does not intervene, he would be abandoning his functions, since his responsibility is to guarantee the safety of the citizens, and if he had previously requested the application of the 155 to guarantee the security of the Catalans, now he asks for it "for security of the Mossos", yesterday with several wounded "without the support of his political commanders, his interior minister or the president of the Generalitat, which is very serious".

He has indicated that the independence movement if he wanted to break Spain is getting break Catalunya, so he warned that the Popular Party will not tolerate breaking the coexistence of Catalans with the "batasunización that is being done in the streets and the that the Government will be responsible if it does not stop. " "The PSOE and Torra have gone out of their hands and, therefore, they have to put a stop to this infringement of freedoms, and they must do so by applying article 155," he insisted.

And he added that this should take control of the Mossos d'Esquadra, penitentiary institutions, education, the media and the Catalan hacienda, and for this has offered the majority of votes of the PP in the Senate even if it is a solitary part of this formation once Sánchez proposes in the Council of Ministers the application of the constitutional article. "What else has to happen ?, he asked, after referring also to the cut today of the AP-7 by the CDR.

In a similar way, the deputy of Ciutadans in the Parlament, Nacho Martín Blanco, has described as "purging" President Quim Torra's request for changes in the Mossos after Thursday's events in Girona and Terrassa. In Martin's opinion, the Catalan president does not want to "anger" the CDRs, but it conditions the actions of the agents in the face of the latest actions of these independence groups. Before the cut of the AP-7 in the Ampolla (Tarragona) that the CDR maintain from this morning, Martin has indicated, in declarations to the journalists, that there can be "a certain lack of performance" of the Mossos "for fear of getting angry "To those independentistas.

Also, the deputy has criticized that the "priority" of Torra, after the controversy of the last days, is going to Brussels today to the presentation of the Council of his "imaginary Republic". "What else has to happen in Catalonia for Pedro Sanchez to react," said the deputy, who has warned the President of the Government that the pro-independence "are not reliable partners."

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