March 4, 2021

Casado prepares an extensive remodeling of the Executive Committee of the PP for the end of July

The leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, prepares a profound and extensive remodeling of the National Executive Committee that he appointed a year ago, with his arrival to the party Presidency to replace Mariano Rajoy. Those changes will be motivated by the will to surround themselves with a more operational hard core and adapt their team after the elections, after some of those positions have assumed other responsibilities.

The new structure of the organizational chart of the PP will be announced in a National Board of Directors – the highest organ of the party between congresses – to be held "before August", as indicated to Europa Press sources of the national direction of training. That meeting will also serve to ratify the post-electoral agreements reached after the elections on May 26.

In that Board of Directors, Married will reveal the names of the new spokespersons in the Congress and the Senate. In the case of the Lower House, the PP deputy for Barcelona Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo is the best placed and appears in all the pools, although its name arouses misgivings in some territorial positions that opt ​​for a "more moderate" profile that visualizes that the PP is also a center match.

For the Senate, sources of the PP think that it will choose to replace the current spokesman, Ignacio Cosidó, before the fear of which they can appear new data of the 'case Kitchen', operation without police control to subtract documentation to the extesorero Luis Bárcenas. In the steering committee of the party will continue sitting exporter of the PP in the Congress and exministra, Dolors Montserrat, but now as spokesman of the Popular Group in Brussels.


Although the decision belongs to Casado, who maintains absolute secrecy about the changes that will take place, some voices of the PP consulted by Europa Press defend a dome of the party more agile and small, in which there are no duplicities and the spokesman of area in the courts is also in the game.

In July 2018, Casado decided to create six vice-secretariats (Organization, Autonomic and Local Policy, Communication, Social Policy Sector, and Studies and Programs), each composed of several secretariats and representing an Executive of more than 40 people.

The primaries of the PP had just been celebrated and Casado opted for this broad structure to integrate people from the team of the former vice president Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría and the former general secretary of the PP, María Dolores de Cospedal. However, if he leaves strengthened with the postelectoral pacts, he will be free of ties to appoint a team with faithful and trusted people, add the sources consulted.

Yes, in the PP increasingly charges assume the premise that a leader can not accumulate charges, especially when they have reduced their public subsidies after the electoral collapse in April general and the party plans to make adjustments to deal with the new situation financial REINFORCING GAMARRA AND LEVY EXIT?

Married will have to pronounce on the continuity of several positions of its Executive Committee and if they can reconcile tasks with their new responsibilities. This is the case of Andrea Levy, Deputy Secretary of Studies and Programs of the PP, who has been elected Councilor for Culture, Sports and Tourism.

You must also decide if you continue to hold your seat on the steering committee Rafael Hernando, fourth secretary of the Congress Bureau and president of the Rights and Guarantees Committee; and Juan Ignacio Zoido, MEP and president of the Electoral Committee.

PP sources suggest that there may also be changes in the Deputy Secretary of Communication held by the Galician deputy Marta González, who could take up a new responsibility in Congress.

Casado's team wants to strengthen that area of ​​communication to make it clear that they are leading the opposition against Cs, and some party leaders believe that they could opt in that position for the former mayor of La Rioja Cuca Gamarra if she does not occupy the spokesperson in Congress .

In the economic area, a year ago Casado appointed Alberto Nadal, who last January announced his intention to return to his position as an official. The responsibilities in this area have been exercised these months by the economist Daniel Lacalle.

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