July 2, 2020

Casado points to a technical tie with the PSOE and warns that Sánchez's "only salvation table" are Cs and Vox

The leader of the PP and candidate for the Presidency of the Government, Pablo Casado, has pointed this Friday to a "technical tie" with the PSOE and a "possible fall of participation" in the general elections on Sunday, something that, as he said, It makes surveys "lose a lot of reliability." That said, he appealed to the useful vote to the PP and stressed that the "only salvation table" of Pedro Sánchez are Citizens and Vox for the "fragmentation of the center-right."

In an interview in the Cope network, collected by Europa Press, Casado stressed that they are facing a "final" with two matches because "either wins the PSOE or wins the PP", so that "all the carambolas, baskets or balls that try to go to another team that is not right now on the court – in reference to Vox or Cs -, because in the end it can be a goal in own goal ".

That is why he has appealed to the citizens of Citizens and Vox, as well as the socialists "ashamed of the drift" of Sanchez. "If those voters unite around the PP, Sanchez will lose," he proclaimed, adding that only by voting for the Popular Party can "get Sanchez out of the Moncloa."

"We are tied. There is a technical tie and also, a possible drop in participation that we do not want, makes the surveys lose a lot of reliability," he said, to add that if Albert Rivera had accepted the Spain Suma coalition now PP and Cs would be " 30 seats above the PSOE. "


The president of the 'popular' has stressed that the PP "respects" Vox and Cs, while having "good relationship" with its leaders, but has made it clear that he has "many differences" with them. In fact, he stressed that "does not want to be" like those formations because the PP is the "genuine party." "We are not the same, as they will be the ones that imitate the Popular Party, which is the common house of the right center since the year 89," he said.

In addition, he has again emphasized how important experience is at this time to face the economic and territorial crisis. "That of making the lineup as a national coach from the sofa, is very good, but I think you have to have played on the grass as the Popular Party has done," he said.

Casado has been convinced that if Sanchez has "opportunity to appear for the investiture, he will" deceive the whole world "and stressed that the socialist candidate represents the" political blockade "in Spain." It is not a problem of PSOE, is a problem of Pedro Sánchez, "he stressed, to rule out again" form anything "with the socialist candidate as a coalition or abstention from the PP.

After assuring that Sanchez is a "shipwrecked man" and his Government is "the Titanic with the orchestra playing" with "propaganda, decretazos and deception", he has warned again that the "only salvation table" of the socialist candidate are Vox and Citizens for the "fragmentation of the center-right vote".


The president of the 'popular' has reproached Sanchez that on Monday he would not clarify in the television debate five if he is willing to "agree" with the independentists, as he did in the motion of censure or give explanations about the multinationality or if he believes that in Spain "there are several nations". In his opinion, the chief executive "has already made it very clear that his road map is again the Frankenstein Government."

Casado has agreed with the words of the former UPyD founder and former leader of the PSOE, Rosa Díez, that the "continuity of Spain" and the "constitutional order" are played. "That means that the problem is Sánchez because there are many socialists who voted for the PP in 2000 because they found a job and in 2011 because they were fed up with the independence project," he said.

In this regard, he stressed that he is now trying to make a "transversal project" and a "new majority" in which he has to "tell the experience" that the Popular Party has. "It is a serious crisis once again and the biggest challenge in the history of independentist Spain and I think that the PP is the one that can best get Spain out of this situation because it already did so by creating millions of jobs in the Gonzalez and Zapatero crises and stopping Ibarretxe and Puigdemont, "he emphasized.


Finally, he pointed out that Sánchez has acted with a "tremendous irresponsibility" because he delayed the investiture debate until the end of July "to coincide with the electoral campaign with the sentence of the process", "just as he has made it coincide with the sentence on Franco, with institutional acts of the head of state and with the electoral debate one day after the unemployment data ".

"That is a total instrumentalization of the calendar of state institutions and has been so irresponsible, that it has not sneaked in because in the end it has gotten out of hand," he said to add that "he has not underestimated" the PP with that action but to the Spaniards, who now must think about their vote because doing the same thing as in April will lead to the "same result" on the 28th.

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