Casado now asks Sánchez to renew constitutional bodies but maintains the veto of the Judiciary

Pablo Casado wants to remove the sanbenito that he has been blocking the renewal of the institutions for three years and has asked Pedro Sánchez to proceed to choose the composition of constitutional bodies that have their mandate expired, with the exception of the Judicial Power, for which he maintains the veto under the pretext that the election system that has been in force for more than three decades must be modified. The President of the Government has ignored his approach – the two major parties have always negotiated the institutional package together – and it has spoiled him that he has an “advantageous vision of democratic legality.”

Lower taxes, privatize and recentralize: Casado promises the return of the PP that never left

Lower taxes, privatize and recentralize: Casado promises the return of the PP that never left

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“This blockade is his sole responsibility,” the PP leader told Sánchez in the government control session: “Let’s renew and the other constitutional bodies.” For Casado, the PSOE “politicizes justice” and opens up to negotiate other organizations, such as the Ombudsman, which require an agreement that adds up to three-fifths of the Courts, which, in his opinion, did not “undermine” the Government by propose reducing majorities to get around the blockade. “He has the possibility of rectifying now,” the opposition chief insisted: “The ball is in his court.”

Sánchez has reminded him that the renewal of the constitutional bodies was one of the electoral commitments of the PSOE, but that it needs the conservatives. “You don’t want to,” he said. you don’t want to. “Comply with the Constitution,” he has urged.

The PP is going to launch an offensive with its new proposal to renew the rest of the organizations despite maintaining the veto on the change in the Judiciary. The spokeswoman, Cuca Gamarra, has posed the question twice to the first vice president, Nadia Calviño, in her weekly ‘face to face’. The mayor of Madrid and national spokesman for the PP, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has asked the president to call Casado, reports Carmen moraga.

Casado has accused Sánchez of failing to fulfill his electoral promises – he began with the refusal to agree with United Podemos, EH Bildu and “the separatists -, he has continued with the house with the accusation that the Government presents a” Chavista law “and of “buy” his young vote “with Peronist bonds and comics” in budgets “that are false and are born dead.” This is going to end badly because of him. It will happen to him like Zapatero and the PP will have to come to rescue Spain for the third time, “he warned.

The president has reproached him for speaking ill of the country. “Spain is not bankrupt [le ha contestado en referencia a sus palabras en una entrevista en El Mundo]. It is at pre-pandemic employment levels and the risk premium is low. I do not know where your opposition will take you, but I ask you not to make statements that, in addition to being false and contravening the interest of the Spanish. ”

Sánchez: “When the left governs there are boos”

“Yesterday you heard what the street says about you,” he said in reference to the traditional boos and insults received at the military parade on October 12. “We are not catastrophists, we think that you are a catastrophe for Spain. You should pitch in and not take us all into the ravine,” he snapped.

“Whenever the left governs there are boos and insults to the presidents of the left. This is how you and the extreme right understand coexistence and constitutional order,” Sánchez replied.


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