Casado denies the end of ETA and summarizes its principles in “Spain, freedom, private property and culture of life”

The leader of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, assured this Tuesday that the terrorist group ETA, dissolved in 2018, cannot yet be considered defeated. “The effective defeat of ETA will be when there is no consideration for those who defend ETA,” he said, criticizing the understanding between the Government and EH Bildu. During your intervention before the National Board of the PP, the highest body of the party between congresses, has also added that it is not possible to speak of “the defeat of ETA” when “the Government approaches six ETA prisoners every week.”

Internal arguments of the PP ask to attribute to Casado the achievement of the "back home" of the defectors of Ciudadanos and excargos of Vox

Internal arguments of the PP ask to attribute to Casado the achievement of the “return home” of the defectors of Ciudadanos and of excargos of Vox

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Casado thus recovered the old ETA mantra that the Spanish right usually uses when the left governs, in addition to warning that the Executive chaired by Pedro Sánchez is going to leave a “devastated Spain” that the PP, if it reaches Moncloa, “will return to lift “as according to him he has done in the past.

During his speech, which has coincided with the statement of several former leaders and current party officials in the trial of box B, the leader of the PP has also referred to the motions of censure promoted by the PSOE in the Region of Murcia and in Castilla y León. The first, to which Ciudadanos had joined, failed last week thanks to the PP agreement with three defectors from Inés Arrimadas’ party who changed their vote in exchange for councils in the regional Executive. The second also declined this Monday since the Socialists did not achieve the necessary support in the Castilian and Leonese courts.

All of this responds, in Casado’s opinion, to a “search for power out of partisan interest” by Pedro Sánchez himself. “Those who have tried to destroy good governments, undermine stability to damage the democratic alternative of the center-right that the PP represents are the PSOE and it is Pedro Sánchez,” he added. He has also accused the Government of using citizens “in chess games or in Netflix series.” “Pedro Sánchez is responsible for what is happening and what the PP has done is defend itself,” he added, to justify the popular use of three defectors to maintain the Government of Murcia, violating the Anti-Transfuguism Pact signed by the PP in 1998, and endorsed in 2020.

“Sánchez has been defeated and the PP, reinforced”

“The irresponsibility of overthrowing governments in a pandemic is immoral, we are not going to tolerate it,” he insisted, to settle that “Sánchez has been defeated”, so “he is weaker” while “the PP has been strengthened.” Faced with the motion of censure provided by the Murcia City Council to unseat the mayor of the PP and which will foreseeably be approved, that yes, thanks to the support of the PSOE, Ciudadanos and Unidas Podemos, Casado has disqualified these three parties, assuring that they are new Frankenstein who wants to promote Moncloa “.

Casado has made a closed defense of the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who according to him brought the elections forward to May 4 “because there was a motion of censure” in the community. Regarding that appointment with the polls, the leader of the PP has insisted that he will choose “between progress and intolerance, employment and unemployment, opportunities and higher taxes, education in freedom or indoctrination” and, in short, “between freedom and communism.”

“Our obligation on May 4 is to unite the vast majority of Spaniards who want to be united in a suggestive project. We will have to win and once we win we can unite,” he said, before criticizing the “social engineering of the left” that, in his opinion, seeks to end the PP.

His messages have also been directed to Ciudadanos and Vox, the two parties with which he continues to govern in Andalusia: “You cannot unite Spain by disuniting the vote,” he said. For this reason, he has presented the PP as the “meeting point for all those who do not want Sánchez to perpetuate himself.” “We continue to be the only common house in the center right. We want to be the main square of moderate Spain. A calm but implacable force. With whom we want to merge is with the entire Spanish society,” he concluded.

Casado asks “to unify the Spaniards at the base”

Casado has recalled in past electoral appointments the PP offered Ciudadanos and Vox “very generous offers of electoral convergence” and they rejected them. “As those parties have rejected that convergence, that optimization of the support of the center right, we are going to unify the Spanish at the base,” he said. For this reason, he has described his as a “project in which everyone fits”, including the “social democrats embarrassed by the drift of the parties they have voted for.” The PP leader has also said that “multipartism has been one of the worst news that Spain has had.”

In his opinion, the PP is in a “stage of organic consolidation” and among the principles that will mark its roadmap in the remainder of the legislature has cited “Spain”, “individual freedom against the Orwellian interventionism of the Government”, “private liberty” or “citizen security”, since he believes that “crimes are increasing.” He has also made mention of “families” and the “culture of life.”

Seeking to divert media attention from the courts that judge his own party and the black payment of the headquarters where they still meet, and in his eagerness to stage a break with the corrupt past, the leader of the PP counterprogrammed this Tuesday the beginning of the statements of former popular leaders in the trial of box B, meeting, also this Tuesday, the National Board of Directors, the highest decision-making body of the Popular Party between congresses and of which more than 400 positions of the conservative formation are part.

The act tried to send the message that all those leaders who will appear in the trial of box B no longer have a seat in the national leadership, although in reality two of them, García Escudero and Arenas, who precisely declared this Tuesday, yes they are part of that Board of Directors. Casado’s only veiled reference to this matter has been to emphasize his “commitment to regeneration” and the “fight against corruption.”

Finally, he concluded by launching a message of hope for his fellow ranks: “Our project is long-term. We have the sails set and the winds of change will arrive very soon. Given the government’s situation, we will be prepared to win the elections.” .


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