Casado defends Rajoy's attack on the Statute that PP charges considered a mistake: "We will do it again"

"We did the right thing and, we do, legally, we will do it again." With these words, the president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, spoke on Tuesday when referring to the collection of signatures promulgated by his political formation in 2006 against the Catalan Statute approved by the Parliament, the Cortes and endorsed by referendum by Catalan society , and that later the PP appealed to the Constitutional Court, which decimated the statutory text. These gestures of the popular were the starting gun for the procés and the impulse of independence in Catalonia.

Casado recovers the agreement with Vox that broke the motion of censure: pact in Madrid and new photo of Colón

Casado recovers the agreement with Vox that broke the motion of censure: pact in Madrid and new photo of Colón

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Married has launched now a strategy identical to that of then, in this case against the pardons to the independence prisoners, which goes through appeals before the courts, collection of signatures, street demonstrations and motions in all the regional parliaments and town halls.

Numerous 'popular' leaders, including former Vice President of the Government Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, the former president of the Community of Madrid Hope Aguirre or the ex-leader of the Catalan PP and current mayor of Badalona, ​​Xavier García-Albiol, later recognized errors in his party's actions against the Statute, which led to the open crisis in Catalonia. "Voting against the Statute was perhaps a mistake," Aguirre admitted in 2015, in an interview in The vanguard.

Casado himself criticized Rajoy's performance in the recent Catalan electoral campaign before the independence referendum of 2017. "I on 1-O [el 1 de octubre de 2017] He was a spokesman for the PP. I decided not to go out and explain what was happening in Catalonia because I did not agree with those who said that there was voting in a comparable way or with those who said that nothing was being voted, "said the current leader of the PP.

"Reality is being manipulated these days," Casado assured during a breakfast organized by the Europa Press agency. "It was the Pact of Tinell and the Statute of Zapatero that initiated the independence hegemony, and it was the appeal of unconstitutionality of the PP that prevented the unilateral referendums from being legal," said the leader of the PP. In his opinion, "the crimes" of the independence referendum of 1-O "could not have been prosecuted because they had not been a crime."

Criticizes that the "media agenda" talks about the new photo of Colón

Casado has delivered a harsh speech against the Government on Tuesday and has complained that the "media agenda" is focused on reporting on the repetition of the photo of Colón on June 13, when the leader of the PP himself, that of Vox, Santiago Abascal and that of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, will meet again in the mythical Madrid square two years after the first joint image of the three rights, in this case against the pardons to the independence prisoners.

"You cannot pardon those who do not repent and who say they will do it again," said Casado. In his opinion, the Government "corrupts the figure of the pardon to pay a political price for the benefit of Sánchez himself" and "against the law." "To call this dark transaction concord is much more than a language trap, it is simply the grotesque manipulation of one of the noblest values ​​of our politics to put it at the service of the lowest purposes", he has settled.

A few hours before, on Monday, the number two of the popular defended instead the pardons approved by the governments of Felipe González, José María Aznar and José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, among which were those granted to those convicted for their participation in the GAL, the ex-socialists Rafael Vera and José Barrionuevo. "None of those pardoned by González, Zapatero or Aznar were members of their governments or had a parliamentary group that would give them support in that legislature," García Egea concluded at a press conference.

The leader of the PP has insisted that "you cannot vote to break the law" as happened, in his opinion, with the 2017 independence referendum. hostage to those who want to destroy Spain, "he said. "To bet against Spain is to bet against Catalonia and against Europe and it is to bet to lose. It will be a defeat with serious consequences for those who suffer it and it is good that it is so," he concluded.

"Sánchez is the greatest ally of the Venezuelan dictatorship"

During the informative breakfast, Casado has linked the Government with ETA and Venezuela to defend their protests with Vox. "We do not accept the demonization of the Spanish population that manifests itself peacefully. There is no more sinister image than that of the pact of the heirs of ETA with the party of 14 of its victims in exchange for some Budgets. There is no photo more undesirable than the hug with whom he praises dictatorships where political dissidents are assassinated, "he added. In his opinion, "Sánchez is the greatest ally of the Venezuelan dictatorship."

Regarding the Prime Minister, Casado has assured that "neither he nor his party are above the law, although it is clear that he would like to be." The Government has added. It "executes a radical agenda" and "has decided to damage whatever it takes to continue in Moncloa. We are not going to silently attend this dismissal process." The maximum head of the PP has insisted that the pardons are in fact "illegal self-indults to remain in power." And he has announced that the PP will reverse "this absurd agenda" when it comes to the Government, "typifying the illegal referendum", hardening the crime of sedition and ending the "indoctrination" in Catalonia.

In short, for Casado the pardons are "cowardice and betrayal" to Spain by a party, the PSOE, which is "negotiating the sovereignty" of Spain "with defenders of terrorism."


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