September 20, 2020

Casado clings to the economic downturn to reach the new course as the “alternative” to Sánchez and neutralize Vox’s motion

With some surveys in which the Popular Party has not just taken off and after months trying to wear down the Government for its health management of the pandemic and, now, for the differences between PSOE and United We Can on the monarchy as a result of the departure from Spain of Juan Carlos I –which has also divided the PP-, the leadership of Pablo Casado has decided to cling to the fall in the economy generated by the coronavirus crisis to try to reach the new political course as the “only alternative” to the progressive Executive.

VIDEO |  Married shows his anger with the press because "the truth doesn't matter": "This is not how you can do politics!"

VIDEO | Casado shows his anger with the press because “the truth does not matter”

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The supposed “management experience” of the PP to make the country take off from a new recession is being wielded over and over again by Casado and his family to counter the blow that was last week that Vox – the force with which the popular fight for the same electorate – announced a motion of no confidence against the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, for September, thus trying to monopolize the media focus of the right divided into three – PP, Vox and Ciudadanos – as soon as the summer holidays ended.

One of Casado’s main obsessions since he won the 2018 primaries has been to recover for the PP all those voters who in the last electoral appointments went to Vox and Ciudadanos, presenting the “union” of the “center-right vote “around its acronym as the only way to disempower a left supported by” separatists, batasunos and populists. “The gesture of the Santiago Abascal party announcing its motion of no confidence dislodged the national leadership of the popular, which in recent months tried to lead the conservative space with a harsh speech against the government, who they accuse of “lying” or “hiding” the numbers of deaths during the pandemic.

Married did not see that strategy endorsed in the Basque and Galician elections of July 12. The great personal commitment of the leader of the PP, the coalition with Citizens in Euskadi that was characterized by a harsh speech, suffered a serious setback when it achieved three less deputies than the nine obtained by the popular in 2016, when they attended alone, and did not prevent that the extreme right entered the Basque Parliament. In Galicia, on the other hand, the more moderate strategy of Alberto Núñez Feijóo – who has always been against compromising with Vox – saw his absolute majority endorsed with more seats than ever, 42.

The leader of the PP did not want to be referred to despite pressure from the barons who asked him for more moderation, and He assured that he would follow the same line of confrontation maintained until then – “I would rather lose votes than lose my soul”, he went on to say – in recent days the bulk of all his speeches and those of his main collaborators have focused on an economy marked by pessimistic forecasts and the very important fall of GDP (22% year-on-year) in the second quarter, which coincided with the lockdown.

A historic trump card for the right

Economic management is precisely one of the great assets that the right traditionally uses when it is not in Moncloa, considering that in the face of its “efficiency”, the left opts for “waste”, “chaos” or “ruin”, as Casado repeats in his statements.

This week, despite the announcement of the departure of the King Emeritus, the leader of the PP has tried to focus on the economy, although he has also once again accused the Government of “lying”, in this case regarding the numbers of citizens affected by the outbreaks of the pandemic. “Sánchez admits that he is unable to overcome the crisis until 2023. Despite the enormous aid from the EU with 300,000 million euros from the FRR, ECB, EIB, SURE and MEDE. We cannot be accomplices of another socialist government that surrenders to massive unemployment. There is a Plan B but they refuse to promote it, “Casado remarked in a tweet on Wednesday, a day after Sánchez’s press conference in which he took stock of the political course.

In another message on Twitter – the leader of the PP has not starred in any public act since July 30 – Casado considered Tuesday that “738,591 jobs have been destroyed in 12 months, the worst figure since 2009. There are 3.7 million unemployed, plus 1.35 million in ERTE and Spain leads the economic destruction in Europe. It is urgent to lower taxes, sufficient liquidity for companies and the self-employed, and further extend the ERTE “, he stressed.

“Again the green shoots, again camouflaging reality,” denounced, for his part, on Monday the Deputy Secretary of Communication, Pablo Montesinos, trying to equate the current economic situation, generated by a health emergency, with that of the financial crisis 2008, when the Socialists also ruled Spain. “The Government does not have a shock plan in the face of the seriousness of the economic crisis. This weekend the Minister of Finance said that the worst of the crisis has already passed. How can one be so irresponsible, when the economy is collapsing and there are thousands of compatriots on the unemployment lists? “, he wondered.

In the same vein of accusing the Government of “waste” in the use of public funds is framed the campaign launched by the PP against the offer launched by the Treasury to the municipalities so that they put their remnants at the disposal of the State in exchange for a contribution of the General State Budget of 5,000 million euros to non-refundable funds. After weeks of negotiations, the proposal was approved on Monday by the Governing Board of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) only with 12 votes in favor of the PSOE, the ‘no’ of the PP, Ciudadanos and Junts per Catalunya (which also added 12 votes) and the abstention of United We can. The tie was broken with his casting vote by the president of the organization, the mayor of Vigo, Abel Caballero, of the PSOE.

Minutes after the vote, the general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, described the approved measures as “confiscation” and Casado denounced the breakdown of “the consensus” in the municipal federation. Along the same lines, Montesinos announced at a press conference that his group is going to request the urgent appearance of María Jesús Montero in Congress, considering that “the PSOE has blown up the municipal consensus”, perpetrating “a historic attack on city councils.” “All city councils must know that they are going to have an ally in the PP, that we are not going to leave them alone, we will fight in defense of their savings,” affirmed Montesinos.

“Spain needs a sensible policy”

Ignoring at all times the effect of the pandemic, Casado also attacked the government’s economic management on July 31, when the historic drop in GDP was known of the second quarter, precisely the period in which the state of alarm remained in force and which, therefore, corresponded to the stoppage of activity that generated the confinement. “The crisis is not symmetrical, but affects more those who manage it the worst, and they squandered and got into debt before the pandemic. It is unfortunate that Sánchez applauds so much in a social catastrophe of 7 million unemployed,” denounced the leader of the PP through a tweet.

“Spain needs a policy of good sense, economic growth and convergence with the great European democracies, something the blue bank of Congress suffers from,” Casado himself had said just two days earlier, on Wednesday July 29, during the plenary session. of the Congress in which Sánchez explained the agreements reached by the last European Council, which will allow Spain to benefit from 140,000 million euros.

“Stop applause from Comedy Club, which are offensive, “said Casado, criticizing the ovations that Sánchez received from the left for his negotiation in Brussels.” Spain is not for that and in Europe they will pass it on. Learn from good diplomats. Do not celebrate successes in negotiations and less so what others have negotiated, “he added. Although while the negotiations were taking place in the EU, Casado distrusted the possibility of reaching an agreement between the partners and charged hard against the Executive for attending the forum” without the duties done “, once the pact between all the countries was reached, the theory of the PP leader is that it was achieved thanks to his party.

This is how he defended it again on Thursday, July 30 during a conference on Press and Power in Aranda de Duero (Burgos), his last act before the summer holidays, in which he launched an entire allegation against the media. “I’m not saying that [los medios] They say that we do it well, or that they do it badly, I have not the slightest interest. Just say: ‘Hey, this is a lie.’ “It is a lie that Mr. Casado has to do with any type of cut, the one who cut was Mr. Sánchez”; ‘It is a lie that Mr. Casado has been negotiating against the Government of Spain in the European budget negotiation. His three colleagues from the PP are the ones who have signed him, “he said.

The slogan of Genoa 13 is to try to focus the speech on the economy until reaching the Vox motion of censure in September that the PP has already said it will not support, considering that it will “strengthen” Sánchez and his government. Casado’s strategy is obviate that initiative of the extreme right party that supports the popular governments of Andalusia, Madrid or Murcia, to try to launch the idea that their political formation is the one that “will lead Spain out of a new crisis” that, according to the popular leadership, will worsen in the coming weeks.


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