Casado claims the need for a Perte for tourism, as businessmen request




The president of the PP, Pablo Casado, has joined the requests of tourism entrepreneurs and has demanded that a Perte (Strategic Projects for Economic Recovery and Transformation) be carried out for tourism. “The sector has adapted to digitization without help but now it is necessary. That's why I ask for a Perte for tourism», he explained during his speech at the 8th Tourism Innovation Forum, organized by the Hotusa group. A measure that has also been signed by the president of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, and the president of the Hotusa group, Amancio López. The latter has stated that a Perte is needed because "we must focus on tourism for the transformation of mature destinations, which years ago was a utopia and today it would be possible to do it through public-private collaboration."

It is not the first time that tourism companies have raised their voices to ask for a Perte, since they have been the sector that suffers the most, and continues to suffer, during the pandemic. Without going any further, and as reported by ABC, last week
the tourist lobby Exceltur claimed a Perte of about 15,000 million
euros for the renewal of Spain's pioneer sun and beach tourist destinations.

These plans, promoted with money from European funds, have already been approved for other sectors, such as the automotive sector. In this sense, Garamendi has pointed out that to carry out a Perte, the solvency of the companies is also important. Because as he explained, in the case of the automotive sector «of every five euros, four come from the private sector. That is why trust is important, so that investors bet. And for that the vital is the solvency of SMEs». In addition, he has raised the need to see how the 'macro Perte' of tourism is structured, "because we have realized with the pandemic that all sectors are tourism."

For his part, Casado has also taken the opportunity to criticize the distribution of aid made so far, focusing on Plus Ultra, which in his opinion was "badly given." The PP leader also presented his recipes for the recovery of the tourism sector. On the one hand, it proposes temporarily lowering VAT to 4% for companies, extending the moratorium on ICOs and strengthening labor flexibility. In this sense, the leader of the PP proposes
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, which in his opinion "would generate a lot of mobility and put an end to the debate on temporality and precariousness" in addition to "provoking a drop in the pressure of unemployment benefits in the public sector."

In general, Casado recalled that his party proposes a tax cut of 10,000 million to promote the recovery of the economy and made it ugly that the Government does not have a similar plan. Thus, he recalled that in Germany the new socialist chancellor
It will lower taxes by 30,000 million euros
, while other countries such as Italy and Portugal will also carry out a tax reduction, although less important than the German one. "The alternative model cannot be to raise taxes by 9,000 million after being the champion of unemployment in the EU with Greece and of inflation," Casado stressed.

Labour reform

There was expectation because both Casado and Garamendi were going to meet at a forum table after the president of the PP reject the labor reform agreement, achieved with the approval of businessmen. Despite their differences, both stressed that they maintain a good relationship and that when they speak they do not tell each other what they have to do.

Thus, when he began his speech, Casado wanted to thank the CEOE for defending tourism and all sectors in "the most complicated moments of recent decades." And he stressed by saying that "I think that the employers' association and also all the vice presidents most closely related to each specific area have assumed an absolutely unprecedented situation, especially in one of the most important sectors for the national economy, such as tourism, and they have done so responsibly."

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