Tue. Apr 7th, 2020

Casado calls to "add wills" and prevent the "denationalization" of Spain

The leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, made a call on Thursday to other parties and to all civil society to "add wills" and prevent "the definitive denationalization of Spain" and its "disarticulation", something that goes beyond "avoiding the secession "of a territory like Catalonia.

He has said it in an act organized in Congress by the popular group in which UPyD founder Rosa Díez has also participated, object of insistent praise by the PP spokeswoman, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo; the writer Álvaro Pombo; and the president of the Assembly for a Bilingual School, Ana Losada.

In the room, deputies and senators of the PP, members and former positions, as well as the one who was founder of Vox, Alejo Vidal Quadras; and for other parties, only the deputy of Cs Roberto Hernández, given that Vox chose not to send anyone.

At the close of the act, whose motto is "Spanish in defense of the common", Casado has urged "to prevent that in order to satisfy the atavism of a few they take away the citizenship of all" and has reproached "a large part of the left" his contribution to the territorial decomposition of Spain as of 2004.

Because he has accused the left of having thrown "in the arms" of "those who sponsored the most radical narratives" and of "courting" nationalism, launching "a process of galloping deterioration" that is not "spontaneous," because, it has said, it is the "combined attack against everything that is the contribution to the success of contemporary Spain".

Here Pablo Casado has taken the opportunity to praise the role of the monarchy and Felipe VI, asserting that "it is not uncommon" that those who try to "break our coexistence" attack "one of the pieces that has made it possible."

"More than ever, in these times of uncertainty, the stabilizing role with which he performs his task is revealed," he added.

And he has emphasized that in recent months the king "has demonstrated once again the responsibility with which he performs his task" and that "others lack".

Several speeches prior to Casado have been heard over almost two hours.

Rosa Díez has thanked the PP's invitation to a "Spanish without a party" whose work she has claimed throughout her political career – in the PSE and then in UPyD – against nationalism.

Díez has lamented that there are no longer "Spaniards who speak on behalf of Spain", but she has been convinced that with "civic maturity and patience" democracy will win because "we cannot afford not to win."

His former partner in UPyD, Álvaro Pombo, has read a long paper entitled "The homeland and the homelands", in which he denounced the practice in Catalonia of "episcopal nationalism" for the incorporation of religion into politics, after reciting and comment on the "Sonnet to Cordoba" of Gongora.

They have also spoken the president of the Catalan PP, Alejandro Fernández, for whom Pedro Sánchez once again practices "pasteleo" with nationalism, and the activist Ana Losada, who has denounced the "indoctrination" in public educational schools in Catalonia.

Álvarez de Toledo has described the call as an act "against the old Spanish Cainism" and in favor of coexistence and has announced that there will be more, but has denied that its purpose is to promote the "recast" of the center-right: "We are militants of democracy, the Constitution and Spain before any political party. "

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