Casado believes that Sánchez can not continue as president if he is "so unworthy" to "allow them to spit on his minister"

The president of the PP, Pablo Casado, has assured this Friday that Pedro Sanchez "can not stay another day in the Presidency" of the Government if he is "so unworthy" as to "allow them to spit on his minister" of Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, "just to stay a few more days in La Moncloa".

This has been transferred during his speech at an event with seniors in Almeria, where he has questioned whether the country "deserves its government hostage of those who want to destroy it" after claiming explanations about the dismissal of state lawyer Edmundo Bal, responsible for the accusation in the investigation against Catalan separatist leaders who are in preventive detention for holding an illegal referendum on October 1.

"Can you explain it or we will find out in two months who has asked to stop the lawyer of the State that was carrying all the defense of Spain against the coup d'état of the independentistas of Catalonia?", Has demanded Casado, who has urged the Government to clarify this decision "before we end up learning through a vis a vis in a prison in Granollers".


Married has assured that he "never" would allow "an unpresentable like Mr. Rufián" to go to "insult" the deputies "for a matter of dignity" and "democratic normality", while it has made a mistake to accuse the PP of "twitching" the parliamentary atmosphere with issues in which "time has proved me right".

"That this mob come to Congress to insult and the Government accept it and do nothing is the realization that we have an unworthy government that depends on the independence to survive and can not tolerate," added the leader of the PP.

"We are not scapegoats, we are not to blame for spitting on them, they spit on them because they are not reliable or for the independentists, and I censor that spit", the president of the popular ones has abounded, who has offered his party to the " socialists embarrassed "for the" democratic indignity "after positioning" next to Mr. Borrell and the socialist bloc "before the events that took place in the Congress.


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