Casado assures that with Sánchez "the coup has ceased to be a crime to become a good business"

There has been no announcement of a vote of no confidence as required by Vox and Ciudadanos. But the leader of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, has again delivered a harsh speech on Wednesday against the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, who has once again asked for his resignation and the electoral advance. "Resign, dissolve the Cortes and call elections, only then may history be able to pardon him," said the head of the opposition, referring to the pardons to the independence prisoners granted by the Executive last week.

Vox and Ciudadanos press for the PP to lead an unfeasible motion of censure

Vox and Ciudadanos press for the PP to lead an unfeasible motion of censure

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During his speech at the debate on the appearance of Sánchez in the Congress of Deputies, Casado has announced that his political formation has already presented the appeals against these pardons in the Supreme Court. He has done so, he said, "as a political party that represents millions of Spaniards affected by their sovereignty" with what in his opinion is "a democratic outrage." Also, said the leader of the PP, representing "thousands of Catalans who have seen their heritage, freedom, security and coexistence affected, at school, work or public services."

PP sources have later explained that the party has presented nine appeals, one for each of the pardons who have registered today. "The basis of our resources is that we have a legitimate interest in the matter," they added, without giving further explanation.

Casado has begun his intervention accusing Sánchez of a liar, for which he has assured not to believe the promise made by the Chief Executive that the PSOE will not support any type of self-determination referendum in Catalonia. "For you betraying justice is your new path. You speak of a second transition but you attack half of Spain," said the leader of the PP.

In addition, the leader of the popular has denounced the return to dialogue between the central government and the Catalan Generalitat assuring that the Catalan president, Pere Aragonès, "stood yesterday in Moncloa stubborn in independence, amnesty and the end of the repression ". Sanchez has been accused by Casado of being the victim of a kind of "Stockholm syndrome" with the independence forces to stay in power. Although he has issued a warning: "We are not going to allow it." However, the leader of the PP will not present any motion of censure.

Reflection on the Civil War

Casado has again spoken of "self-indults" that "legitimize a continuing crime" and that, in his opinion, "resolve" that Sánchez continues "in Moncloa for a few more months." "With the pardons nothing ends but everything begins. It has turned the right of grace into a coup de grace to the rule of law and everything for a period of lentils. Spain has auctioned a cutting table to continue vacationing in Doñana. It will be his settlement as president and the epitaph of the PSOE as a constitutional party, "he has settled.

"He fixes the problems of the secessionists," added Casado, "and he does it to give continuity to the most sterile legislature that is remembered." "He has granted a pardon but has reasoned an amnesty. He is promoting regime change with a constitutional mutation through the back door. He intends to erase all traces of crime. He prefers to change the system to continue governing rather than be opposition in the system. With you , the coup has ceased to be a crime to become a good business, "he emphasized. For all this, Casado has said "no to the socialist dissolution of Spain" and has called Sánchez "the straw man of the nationalists."

During his speech, Casado has made a reinterpretation of the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War. In his words, the conflict was "a confrontation between those who wanted democracy without law and those who wanted law without democracy", ignoring that the war was a conflict derived from a military uprising against the legitimate Government of the Second Republic.

"He talks about forging a new country, which is what Azana said in 1932 to approve the statute of Esquerra, but in 1937 he realized his mistake and denounced his disloyalty when it was too late. Ladies and gentlemen, speaking of historical memory, The Civil War was a confrontation between those who wanted democracy without law and those who wanted law without democracy. And our Constitution is a pact by which there can be no democracy without law, nor law without democracy, "said Pablo Casado.

Abascal, against the PP

Next, the president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, has accused the opposition groups of having given "an oxygen balloon" to the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, by voting against the motion of censure that he himself led in October 2020. "We asked the groups for their support and 298 voted against," recalled Abascal, who did not add a single support in the entire Chamber to the 52 of his own party. Not only the allies of the investiture and the Budgets rejected the motion, also the PP and Citizens.

That rejection was, he pointed out, "a balloon of oxygen for those responsible for the death of more than 100,000 Spaniards, and for the economic, social and institutional ruin of Spain." "And they gave Mr. Sánchez a golden time that has allowed him to pardon and amnesty all those who attacked our country in 2017," he concluded. Abascal has also insisted on asking Casado to present a motion of censure, he has once again requested the outlawing of the pro-independence parties, the closure of TV3 and even the suspension of Catalan autonomy.


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