Casado assures that the Government is “a band of incompetent politicians and managers”

The president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, has endorsed the idea of ​​the “band” launched months ago by the former leader of Ciudadanos, Albert Rivera, to criticize the progressive government and has assured that the Executive of PSOE and United We Can is “a gang of incompetent politicians and managers. ” During an event in Granada, Casado called “tremendous” the management of the pandemic carried out by Pedro Sánchez’s team, whom he accused of being “like the dog in the Hortelano” with the autonomous communities, because “he has neither managed nor has let manage “.

The PP criticizes the end of the state of alarm whose extensions it rejected and recovers the "legal plan B" that Congress overthrew him

The PP criticizes the end of the state of alarm whose extensions it rejected and recovers the “legal plan B” that Congress overthrew.

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“They have put partisan interests before the interests of saving lives,” the leader of the popular has come to assure that, in that verbal escalation against the Government, he has said that his work in the face of the pandemic has been characterized by “authentic chaos and a tremendous cowardice. ” Sánchez has been accused of “hiding” in the autonomous communities and achieving a “disastrous result” after the health emergency.

After months charging against the state of alarm, after Sánchez communicated on Tuesday his intention not to extend it beyond next May 9, when the exceptionality officially ends, Casado has now criticized that end and has demanded “a legal framework to be able to protect people’s health “. “We immediately demand the convocation of the Conference of Presidents to explain what is going to happen from May 9 and say what is happening with vaccination in Spain,” added the leader of the PP before the president of the Board of Andalusia, Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla, with whom he has wanted to seal the peace after weeks of disagreements over control of the party in Andalusia.

Married: “Vaccination is a riot”

For Casado “vaccination is a riot, because it plays with the hope of the people.” In addition, the leader of the PP has crossed out the press conference offered by Sánchez on Tuesday – Casado has not given one since December – as “ridiculous.” “As soon as he saw that there was a problem with one of the laboratories,” he said, referring to the AstraZeneca vaccine, “he went to Angola.” “We have him in Angola when there are millions of Spaniards who do not know if they are going to be vaccinated or if they will be able to leave home on May 10,” he added.

“It is a scandal. You have to have a vaccination campaign and not campaign with vaccination,” he added, accusing Sánchez of using the immunization process against COVID-19 with electoral interests.


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