Casado assures that Europe "does not see clearly" financing the Sánchez government: "It has doubled the deficit"

In an interview in Thirteen, collected by Europa Press, Casado has accused the Executive that, despite the growth of the economy "in the last two years, it has spent" 30,000 million more than it entered "and has" hidden 3 billion euros of accounting. "" You have to be coherent, if you do not comply with the deficit and you lie in parliamentary headquarters, your partners and the opposition distrust you, "" he stressed.

On the other hand, the PP leader has accused the chief executive, Pedro Sánchez, of imposing "the extrasocial model" and the "social shield" of the second vice president and leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, who, in his opinion, has already failed in other countries like Venezuela or Greece. "The social shield is employment, without employment it is not consumed and there are no taxes for health or education," he said.

Thus, he explained that the time for a commission of inquiry into government management "will be later" because now the priority, according to Casado, is "to recover the economy and the health system." "I ask the government for efficacy in material and dignity for those who have not been able to overcome the disease," he recalled.

Finally, he has insisted to the Government that "the minimum" before those who died from the coronavirus is to decree "national mourning". "Spain hurts and it tears me up what is happening," he said.


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