Casado asks “to press” to bring Puigdemont and Sánchez replies that the Spaniards are “up to the head of anger”

Pedro Sánchez has left unanswered the three questions that Pablo Casado asked him in the control session this Wednesday. “The Spanish are fed up with the anger, the insults and the shouts in Parliament,” the president has dispatched. The opposition leader has asked him if he is “the X of the Ghali case” in reference to whether he authorized the entry of the leader of the Polisario Front to be treated for a serious illness in Spain, if he has ordered to “falsify” the economic forecasts of the INE to square the accounts “with hammer blows” and if it intends to “press” to bring Carles Puigdemont, recently detained in Italy, to Spain.

The negotiation of the Budgets enters the key phase with differences between the partners on the rental limits

The negotiation of the Budgets enters the key phase with differences between the partners on the rental limits

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The president has only referred to the question that the PP had formulated in writing: if the Government has a project for Spain. “Yes,” replied Sánchez, who has assured that it is based on a “fair recovery.” “We make useful policy,” said the president, who has considered that it is about “moving from the abstractions” that are heard in Congress “to concrete things” among which he has mentioned what was approved in the Council of Ministers this Tuesday : the increase in the Minimum Interprofessional Salary, the extension of the ERTE and aid to La Palma.

“Have you ordered the search and arrest of an individual for genocide, terrorism and rape?” order. “Did you order to falsify the INE forecasts to square the accounts with hammer blows?”, was the second question of the opposition leader, who took the opportunity to describe the coalition as a “cricket cage” for the different positions they have expressed in the last days on the SMI, pensions or the price of electricity.

“Is he going to keep his word to bring Puigdemont to Spain or is he going to continue torpedoing justice with pardons here and the State Attorney out?” Was the third question from Casado, who demanded that Sánchez get up from the ” table of independentistas “. “His project for Spain is to remain in power with those who want to break it,” concluded Casado, who, given the lack of response from the president on this matter, has raised the tone: “Are you going to press for a coup plotter to be tried in Spain? and to defend justice and not to pardon him? “.

“Who is silent grants,” Casado concluded: “If you are not willing to defend Spain from criminals and the economic crisis that you have worsened, leave and leave us to the others.”

Sánchez: “We would like the PP to pitch in”

Sánchez has insisted on the need to carry out useful politics and has demanded that Casado abandon the “constitutional insubordination” in reference to the renewal of constitutional bodies, such as the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ): “We would like the PP and you will pitch in and help your country for once by doing things that are a truism, complying with the Constitution. ”

Sanchez then had to answer another question from the Junts spokeswoman, Miriam Nogueras, who also referred to the situation in Puigdemont using the term “putiferio” and “robed coup” to refer to what happened with the arrest. of the former president of the Catalan Generalitat in Sardinia, last week, and has accused the Government of “surrendering” to this scenario. “The police and judicial institutions that champion fascism have given you a pulse,” Nogueras told Pedro Sánchez, during the Executive’s control session.

The Prime Minister has accused Nogueras of defending a kind of “conspiracy”. “You do not believe yourself what you are saying in the Cortes Generales. Spain is a democratic country, we have a democratic state,” he has settled, before defending the dialogue table between the Government and the Generalitat that the Junts spokesperson had disqualified. “There is a percentage of 80% of Catalans who want agreement, dialogue and not unilateralism,” Sánchez concluded.

Another of the shocks of the control session has been carried out by the PP spokesperson in Congress, Cuca Gamarra, and the first vice president of the Government, Nadia Calviño, in relation to the growth forecasts for Spain. Gamarra has considered that “in any country in Europe the Minister of Economy would have resigned” if, as happened last week, the INE lowered this growth forecast. “They obey the reality of the data and you obey the wishes of Mr. Sánchez,” he has settled. Calviño has asked the opposition to “pitch in” and has defended “seriousness” and international respect for the government’s economic policy.


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