July 10, 2020

Casado asks the vote of the "embarrassed socialists" and voters of Vox and Cs

The leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, on Friday asked for the vote of both the "embarrassed socialists" and the voters of Vox and Citizens who have warned that his party is "the genuine" while the rest only " they imitate "and they are dedicated to doing politics" from the sofa ".

In an interview with the COPE Network on the final day of the electoral campaign, he has requested the support of the socialists who disagree with "the independent and uneconomic and social drift of (Pedro) Sánchez" and has committed that next Monday , November 11, would form Government to recover national unity and avoid the economic crisis.

The voters of Vox and Citizens have been reminded that the PP "is not the same" as these parties that, in his opinion, constitute "the salvation table" of the president of the acting Government and socialist candidate, Pedro Sánchez, who He sees as a "castaway" in front of an Executive who is like "the Titanic."

He has also criticized that the two parties are dedicated to "national coach from the sofa" without playing "on the grass", while considering that the PP has already shown that it knows how to manage the country in the face of a crisis that Spain "would not endure with a PSOE in front. "

Therefore, he asked for a "vote of censure" on Sunday for Sánchez for whom he felt "used" when he was summoned to Moncloa to talk about the Catalan question, since he behaved like "a sounded boxer" who embraces his rival only to "buy time" but without attending to any of the proposals he raised.

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