March 7, 2021

Casado and Rivera struggle to captain the right front in Navarra meeting separately with UPN

In a new episode of the fierce struggle that they maintain for the hegemony of the right, PP and Ciudadanos staged this battle on Tuesday with the aim of captaining in front against a leftist government in Navarra.

Pablo Casado and Albert Rivera have meetings with the leader of UPN, Javier Esparza, with the aim of signing a joint statement that, according to popular sources, seeks to "put more pressure" on the PSOE so that it does not govern the regional community with the support of Geroa Bai and the abstention of EH Bildu.

They will be meetings separately and, later, both Rivera and Married will appear on their own, trying to ensure media attention for each of the political leaders.

Yesterday Casado referred to the situation in the regional community during his speech in the summer courses organized by the FAES foundation in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, where he said that "today the time of truth is Navarra."

Albert Rivera, for his part, will take advantage of the meeting with Esparza to appear before the media after two weeks in silence and fleeing from the media.

After the signing, both leaders, whose formations -and the PP- attended the regional elections in the Navarra Suma coalition, will attend the journalists. Rivera has been denouncing all these days that despite Navarra Suma won those elections, Pedro Sanchez has preferred to usurp them the possibility of governing "agreeing with the proetarra of Bildu and the separatists", in "the pact of infamy", as denounced .

The reappearance of Rivera before the media has aroused great expectation given that last Friday he did not make statements after participating and intervening in the General Council of his party, the highest body of Citizens between Assemblies.

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