Casado and Garamendi stage union after the controversy over pardons




Antonio Garamendi, president of the CEOE, and Pablo Casado, president of the Popular Party, have staged the return to normality of their relations after the controversy over the pardons. The words of the former reaching out his hand to said measure of grace generated a political earthquake against the bosses, but time and clarifications have partly dissipated the tensions. Both have shown, in public, their harmony in the ATA summer courses in a joint act in which Garamendi and Lorenzo Amor have acted as hosts of the opposition leader. But the criticisms have not been lacking either – more or less subtle, depending on the moment.

The boss of the employer’s association, that of the self-employed and that of the popular have chatted for two minutes at the entrance of one of the URJC centers, where the act was held. With a relaxed tone, they entered the venue showing their renewed harmony. Already at the conference, Garamendi opened the ban on understanding: «We are going to continue working for our country (…). We are going to defend companies, entrepreneurs, the self-employed, with a sense of the State. We defend the Constitution, the rule of law, the law, the parliamentary monarchy … ».

Likewise, the president of the CEOE has indicated that “the constitutional and institutional fact is very important”, while pointing out that for them “the main opposition party is key” in the configuration of Spain. He has even described Casado as a “good friend” at the beginning of his speech.

In a more economical way, Garamendi has delved into the fact that “the self-employed are the basis of the economy of this country” and that “a large company is not created from scratch, but is created from the bottom up.” Related to this, he has asked “to protect the company, the group of self-employed.” The boss of the employer’s association has also criticized that the pension reform, also ratified by CEOE, has not been carried out all at once, and has called the labor reform a “brutal error in the future” in the terms set forth.

Casado, for his part, has endorsed his commitment to “keep his job”, but he has not been as resounding as Garamendi in his particular support for CEOE. This has indicated that it respects the actions and decisions of the employers, but that it has to point out that “the Government makes toxic use of the propaganda to communicate the agreements.” That is, to make the social organizations coincide, to be portrayed with the official logo, “with a pianist” and without Parliament having anything to say about it. He has charged against the legislative “roller” of the Government, of which he has said that “he does not like the self-employed because they do not depend on him”, in a clear wink, this time, to Lorenzo Amor, the president of ATA.

The opposition leader has described the pension reform that has been agreed and that the CEOE ratified within it a few days ago as a “mistake”. In fact, the signing of the agreement will take place this morning, which has been criticized by Casado, in Moncloa. The heads of CEOE, Cepyme, CCOO and UGT attend, along with the President of the Government and several ministers.

“The Government is telling young people that they will not collect pensions, and pensioners, that when there are sustainability problems, it will freeze them,” said the leader of the popular, who has also criticized the arbitrary and uncontrolled distribution that will be made of the European funds that will arrive in our country.

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