Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Casado and Feijóo close ranks to turn polls around and win elections

Casado y Feijóo cierran filas para dar la vuelta a las encuestas y ganar las elecciones

In the campaign nothing is the same, and those who understand politics know it. And if there is something that the voters punish, it is the internal problems. It's not that Paul Married and Alberto Núñez Feijóo have them, but known are the disagreements that both leaders have on some issues, such as the proposals on language what does the PP, or by the ways of managing the party that has the current national president, or making the lists, which did not like the Galician president very much.

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The two know that if one loses will not be bad for him, but for all, it will be bad for the PP, so the two gave yesterday sample of tuning and closed row around a single objective, that the PP wins the elections and Pablo Married be president of the Government. Pablo Casado began, who spoke about the president of the Xunta de Galicia as "a national benchmark. Our Alberto Núñez Feijóo ", and the Galician president corresponded to him saying that he is the president that Spain needs," because it takes it in the heart, because it is Spanish ".


Feijóo defends before Casado the defense that Rajoy did of the Constitution and democracy

But Núñez Feijóo, who achieved the presidency of the PP for Married with his support never expressed explicitly, had some details that evidenced those discomforts that are blamed, the main one, the way in which the new popular leadership behaves with Mariano Rajoy. The Galician president made a good part of his speech in Galician and in this language he proclaimed that "Spanish politics is not Madrid nor is Barcelona, ​​it is the group of peoples that form Spain", to proclaim afterwards that the PP has been "defending the Constitution, freedom and democracy with Aznar, with Rajoy and with Pablo Casado ", which was a way of saying that what the PP has returned, does not make much sense, because it never left.

But leaving these concepts clear, Feijóo turned to Casado, repeating with other messages what the popular leader says. That voting Citizens and Vox is, in the end, helping Pedro Sánchez to be president. So, said the Galician leader, "vote for Cs and Vox is the vote Sanchez needs to get the bills." With what you want Sanchez to govern, citizens can vote, he said, to Podemos Podemos, to the separatists, to Bildu, to Vox or to Citizens, while if you want the president of the government to be Pablo Casado, "only You can vote Pablo Pablo, to PP2.

Government of Sánchez

Married sees in a government of the PSOE to Sanchez like the garrison of a main dish, the independentistas

The speech of Pablo Casado, in Santiago de Compostela, one of the seats that remain faithful to the PP and where Citizens and Vox did not finish taking off, returned to be the one of the "danger" that supposes for Spain "on the backs of the most radical, the independentistas and with the supports of Bildu ". Some independence, underlines Casado, who have already confessed that they will give their support to Sanchez, with what Sanchez, will only be "the garrison of the future government, in which the main course will be the radicals, the independentistas, the communists and the friends of the terrorists.

But aside from the arguments that the popular leader has been repeating since the beginning of the pre-campaign, about Catalonia and the risks that it poses for the unity of Spain, and for the economy, a triumph for Sánchez, Pablo Casado made a promise, that when President of the Government will have a Ministry of the Family. Just one of the demands that Vox made in Andalusia to support the government of Juanma Moreno, which the PP and the Andalusian president, and Ciudadanos, half assumed, since they did not create a counseling only dedicated to the family, but in the end what they joined the Ministry of Health, but not with Social Affairs.


The president of the PP promises aid to mothers who want to have their children

Married wants to bet on families, and that "those who freely want to be mothers, have all the support of the administrations." It will also recover the national family plan, with grants such as 1,200 euros for large families; 1,200 for families with a disabled person; another 1,200 for single-parent families with two or more children. He also listed aid for conciliation, with the regulation of teleworking. Betting on children's education, from zero to three years, to make progressively free, and public

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