May 18, 2021

Casado already speaks of a “change of cycle” in Spain and sees the PP winning the next general elections

The leader of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, assured this Monday that in Spain there has already been a political “change of cycle” in which his political formation is once again preferred by the Spanish. “The PP is prepared to win the elections as soon as they are,” he affirmed. “Things are changing. The government is naked, it is incompetent and has relied on lies. As soon as they decide to call elections we will win them,” he added. . Married has skipped the CIS survey published this morning that although it predicts a growth of the PP, it ventures a new triumph for the PSOE, which exceeds the popular ones by 11 points.

Esperanza Aguirre's husband simulated a donation to defraud taxes and appropriate an unpublished Goya

Esperanza Aguirre’s husband simulated a donation to defraud taxes and appropriate an unpublished Goya

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During a streaming interview broadcast by the newspaper ABC, Casado wanted to make it clear that the PP has “a strategy” and “things are very clear.” “Spain is so bad, there is so much economic drain that we need the PP to reach Moncloa in the next general elections,” he has settled. In his opinion, “Spain does not have time” for what he sees as necessary a “reaction” from the electorate in favor of his own party. “We need to talk again about a center right of the 21st century in which young people reconnect with politics,” he said.

For him, the “turning point” that has precipitated this “change of cycle” occurred on March 10, “when the PSOE and Ciudadanos present the motion of Murcia and signatures will be sought to present a motion in Madrid. they try in Castilla y León “. “In the midst of a pandemic, with 6 million unemployed, nobody understands that the PSOE is playing risk”. Casado has also justified the electoral advance in Madrid in which “Ayuso had been looking for stability in the Government for a year that Aguado did not allow him.”

The PP leader believes that “Madrid will do very well” because Ayuso will win. “I predict a large majority. Ayuso has the support of the street. People trust her, her government. She is a person with courage, with principles, who takes the problems of others to solve them,” he has settled. In any case, he has issued a warning: “It is Sánchez who has stood in the elections in Madrid and we are going to win him.”

Avoid supporting Ayuso to preside over the PP of Madrid

However, Casado has avoided supporting Ayuso to preside over the Madrid PP whatever happens in the Madrid elections. “I am the first president of the PP elected by primaries, and it is the militants who have to decide, when it touches. Isabel Díaz Ayuso knows the Madrid PP perfectly and she is focused on the most urgent thing that is to give certainty to the people of Madrid “, he has limited himself to pointing out.

Casado has also claimed “the union of the center right” as an “essential step to win over Sánchez.” “What we saw in Galicia we are going to see now in Madrid,” he predicted. “The Spanish are realizing that either we unite to defeat Sánchez or remain in power,” he added, to conclude: “The project against Sánchez is the PP.”


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