May 12, 2021

Casado admits, after leaving out Fernández Díaz, who is "listening to poor behavior" of Interio

Casado admits, after leaving out Fernández Díaz, who is "listening to poor behavior" of Interio

In an interview with Onda Cero on Onda, Married has indicated that he has tried to make some candidacies that fulfilled his promise in the National Congress of the PP last year, "a party that is renewed, that has regenerated and that at the same time is proud "of what he has done in the past.

When asked again expressly for the fact that Fernández Díaz is left out of those lists, Casado has indicated that he has opted for "profiles that respond to what Spaniards want to see on their ballot: solvency and renewal." In the case of the spokesman of the Popular Group in the Senate, Ignacio Cosidó, who was general director of the Police, recalled that he is a senator by regional appointment and, therefore, "does not attend" now to the elections.

Asked again why the charges of Interior of the stage of Fernandez Diaz – since the former Secretary of State for Security Francisco Martínez has also been left out – are not on the PP lists, Casado has reiterated that his project is "an PP renewed "and that bets" by what the voters ask them ". In addition, he has assured that he has not received "any" pressure for the former Minister of the Interior to be part of any list.

Before the information that is being published in the media about the Fernández Díaz stage and if that is related to the fact that he himself has said that there is no room in the PP people with behaviors little exemplary, Casado has responded: " I trust what the Justice says, but it is true that during these weeks we are listening to unimportant behavior in the Ministry of the Interior or those accusations. " "Therefore, when there is a sentence we can assess it," he added later.

At this point, he recalled that when he was director of the cabinet with Manuel Pizarro, "several agents of the CNI and the State Security Forces were condemned for spying on him after the Odesa of Endesa, sent by Mr. Rubalcaba", in allusion to the ex-socialist minister Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba.

For that reason, Casado has affirmed that when the left speaks of "espionage" or of "cases of corruption" he gives "laughter". After noting that the PSOE "can not give any lesson" to the PP in these matters and has stressed that he promised on reaching the party presidency that would be "inflexible" to any "lack of exemplariness."


After the exministra and ex-secretary general of the PP, María Dolores de Cospedal, left his post after meeting his meeting with the ex-commissioner José Manuel Villarejo, Casado has indicated that she already gave "all the explanations", unlike the Minister of Justice , Dolores Delgado, who remains in office despite knowing "possible crimes of abuse of minors of judges and prosecutors" and after "hearing Villarejo say that there was an extortion system" based on prostitution. In his opinion, he is still in the Ministry because Pedro Sánchez "hides" behind his ministers.

"In the PP responsibilities have been demanded and there are people who have assumed responsibilities without being even accused by the Justice," he added, adding that Villarejo did not do any work for the Popular Party because "Mrs. Cospedal said that she had not I've done no work. "


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