Casado accuses Sánchez of giving "a coup de grace to legality" for a "regime change" in Spain

"Pedro Sánchez has used a measure of grace to give a coup de grace to the legality, perverting the figure of the pardon to grant it to those who do not request it, do not repent and threaten to reoffend. With these words, the president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, reacted this Monday to the announcement made by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, that tomorrow, the Council of Ministers, will approve the pardons to the prisoners of the procés.

Casado's plan for Catalonia: five economic proposals and no political measures

Casado's plan for Catalonia: five economic proposals and no political measures

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During a joint meeting of popular parliamentary groups in Congress and the Senate, Casado has equated the claims of the Executive with that of authoritarian countries by assuring that "whoever has faced democracy with law", as in his opinion the Government does by approving pardons , "has ended up creating the most terrible regimes in the history of mankind." He has also said that "Sánchez needs the nationalists so that the PP ceases to exist" and that is why "it is necessary for the PP to win the next general elections", scheduled for two years from now.

"Without law, freedom and coexistence cannot be achieved," he said, before insisting that Sánchez "is handing Spain over to the nationalists." For Casado, "the PSOE, Podemos and the nationalists are trying to build the regime they want," so "the problem in Spain is not that it lacks democracy, it is that it is agreed with those who want to destroy it" as "an alibi for a change in regime".

"Sánchez disarms the State"

"Sánchez is not trying to take advantage of a historic opportunity to fix a national problem, he takes advantage of the problem caused by the supremacism of his partners and by the appeasement of the PSOE to give continuity to his regime change project. He disarms the State with lethal initiatives for the future of Spain ", has settled.

To argue such an accusation, Casado has assured that Sánchez "intends to establish impunity by modifying the crime of sedition to the letter" or "to limit the effectiveness of the Constitutional Court." The PP leader has also said that the Government "allows the Council of Europe to question the democratic quality of Spanish democracy" and that "it intends to hold a referendum to recover an illegal Statute" in Catalonia, as well as that it seeks to "reactivate the amnesty table that spoke of a monarchy and undemocratic security forces. "

Moreover, Casado has assured that Sánchez "shields a second process by maintaining the illegal structures of the Generalitat" and that by announcing the pardons at the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona, ​​the Chief Executive has chosen a "comic opera format" with a "audience subsidized by European funds". "What we see today at the Liceo is a supposedly broken and weak civil society delivered to a government with money but without principles. No lobby in search of European funds will manage to get us out of our way, our shareholders are the Spanish," he concluded.

Sánchez's entire plan is, according to Casado, to end the opposition. "Negotiate with all the disloyal to expel the PP. They want us out of any negotiation because the negotiation is to throw us out," he has settled.


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