Casado accuses Sánchez of acting as "puppet of the independentistas"

Casado accuses Sánchez of acting as "puppet of the independentistas"

The leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, today accused the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, of acting as "puppet of the pro-independence" and asked "what else has to happen in Catalonia for the Government to bring order".

Casado has intervened in the capital of La Rioja in an act in which he has confirmed the candidacies of José Ignacio Ceniceros to the Presidency of the Government of La Rioja and Concepción Gamarra to the Mayor of Logroño.

In the 200 days of the Government of Sanchez, the institutions have been "attacked", has approved 22 "decretazos", "everything with the roller, because they do not have parliamentary support or to approve their budgets or their laws", said Casado in his intervention.

"In this institutional degradation that we are experiencing, in addition to reopening problems happily overcome, has been dedicated to reopening wounds or scars, instead of appealing to concord on the 40th anniversary of the Constitution," he stressed.

He added that Sánchez is "the first president who governs without having won the elections and goes hand in hand with those who want to break Spain: the separatists, the batasunos and the Podemos".

For this reason, Casado has assured that, to pay the votes of the motion of censure, Sanchez is doing "everything that Quim Torra and Cales Puigdemont ask for".

He has alluded to the document of 21 measures, which is "really bochornante", which speaks of the need for an international mediation between Spain and Catalonia, "there is talk of conflict, as if there was a problem between two sides, when there is only one".

On that side he has quoted those of the "kale borroka separatist who beat policemen, split the nose to women who remove ties and crack the headquarters of the PP and burst the car to the popular president in Catalonia."

"What is happening in Catalonia in very serious," he insisted, but the PP has done everything possible to avoid it, from offering to apply Article 155 of the Constitution with their votes, the amendment of the law of pardons and the proposal of law of symbols, among other measures.

"It does not matter if they spit on their ministers, insult the King, threaten the Constitutionalist parties, Sánchez does not care, he just wants to continue in the Moncloa, on the blue bench, with his plane and with the boatos and the liturgy of a Presidency of the Government for which does not give the stature ", has assured Casado.

In his opinion, "in political matters in institutions, the habit does not make the monk, the president's suit is too big" to Sánchez.


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