November 29, 2020

Casa Tomada embodies the "art of living" as a cultural company in Colombia

Having ten daily events and close to closing the year with revenues of about 3,000 million pesos (about 875,000 dollars) make Casa Tomada a solid Colombian cultural company that serves as inspiration after overcoming different stages of reinvention.

This producer of events and shows, which in 2015 was born in Medellín with the idea of ​​"filling a house of art" and tested with different formats, created her artistic concept from a fusion between theater, dance, music and the circus.

Colombian husbands Juliana Rodríguez and Robinson Duque, trained in Performing Arts at the University of Antioquia, began their history within the cultural and creative industry with nothing more than their talent.

"For a long time it was just the two of us and without any money, but we had our talent, a very strong capital so that it is not tangible," Juliana, the manager of "Casa Tomada", a company that now has 52 employees, told Efe Juliana.

The cultural producer, which between November and December will begin its "strongest season" with Christmas montages, offers in Medellín staging that goes from great shows to "very ephemeral" events with initial samples of a character.

In Colombia, the so-called orange economy represents about 3.4% of gross domestic product (GDP) and generates 1.1 million jobs.

Last year alone, the creative industries contributed 15.6 billion pesos to the country (about 4.5 billion dollars) and generated 283,000 jobs.

"Time flies by us. I enjoy it. It would not be useful to be in an office," actress Xiomara González told Efe as she prepares for an artistic presentation in a shopping center, where she gave life to Aviatoneta after a transformation process It took about two hours.

Together with Emerson Zapata, who embodied the "powerful centaur" Lordon, a magnet for children because of his imposing appearance, he spread part of the magic that Casa Tomada concentrates with the work of musicians, graphic designers and creatives responsible for the costumes.

"Our clients are looking for experiences and messages through sensoriality", summed up Juliana about her production company, which will perform the artistic direction of the Parade of Myths and Legends 2019, a show that in this edition will have about 800 artists in the streets of Medellin

"When you do business in culture you are demonstrating that you can live from art and give people who work with you the possibility of living from what they love to do," said the performing arts teacher.

He also said that they began their cycle as entrepreneurs when they realized that "people were paying for what we were doing", but it involved developing other skills that emerged with training to "organize the house", dictated by the Interact Corporation.

"To grow we had to stop acting and devote ourselves more to managerial issues," said Juliana.

Although they have faced difficulties, because in this type of companies "there is no formula" and operate in many cases under "intuition", the entrepreneur said there are "giant satisfactions" for the versatility and creative quality of the company: "Your Imaginaries can be exposed to the world and that is beautiful. "

Now, with the purpose of taking their artists to "another level" they began the creation of a laboratory, a place to reinforce their scenic capabilities with singing and dancing, among other talents, depending on the show.

Juliana, the recent winner of the Interacting Family of the Year award, explained that next year they will open a school in a new venue to expand their knowledge and offer a "very different" training to the traditional academies of Medellín.

"This project emerges as a necessity. Creative activities tend to expire, we need to expand, create and reinvent," said the manager, who indicated that the next step will be to take their shows to other countries.

According to the report "Growth, Survival and Challenges of Orange Economy Companies in Colombia", presented in September 2019 by the Colombian Confederation of Chambers of Commerce (Confecámaras), the creative and cultural industries in the country grew during the last five years 6.5% per year.

The study also revealed that in 2014 the number of formal companies in the orange economy sector reached 37,321, while by 2018 it increased to 45,294.

Jeimmy Paola Sierra

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