Carvajal: “The team has done everything to win”

Carvajal fights a ball with Javi Martínez.

The player of the Real Madrid Dani carvajal He regretted not having been able to win at Club Atlético Osasuna (0-0) on matchday 11 of League and stressed the short time of extension that the referee gave, “only four minutes”, in addition to ensuring that only “a pinch of luck” separated them from the victory.

“The team has done everything to win, but we have not had that bit of luck and it has condemned us to a draw. Osasuna pushed us up and already in La Cerámica he played with five behind. He has waited for us more involved in his field, they have played their game and they have defended very well. We have tried everything but we have not been successful, “he told Movistar.

“For us, today was a key day because Barcelona has lost and has tied the Seville. We wanted to increase that difference, but it was not possible and we already have to put our minds on Elche, “added the Leganés side, who underlined the” equality “that exists this season in the National League Championship.

It is being seen that any team, in all fields and scenarios, it costs a lot to get the points“, said Carvajal, who is” well “after his return due to injury, and not without first adding” a nuance “in his statement about the referee.

“I would like to give a nuance. The referee adds 4 minutes and we are seeing that 5, 6, 7 or even 8 are added in the last games when a team repeats the losses of time. And the referee I think has not been correct in that aspect. I don’t want the added time to be used as an excuse but I reiterate that Sergio Herrera has lost only 4 minutes “.

Arrasate has made two changes in the addition and the rivals have left walking. It’s a bit strange that they only added four minutes. In all fields what has really been lost is added. In any case, we should have won in the 94 minutes of play, “he concluded.


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