Carriers ask that the fuel subsidy rise to 40 cents

A. Gomez

The National Committee demands from the Government a direct aid of 1,250 euros for trucks and 500 euros for vans during the next three months

Edurne Martinez

The unstoppable rise in fuel prices in Spain has caused carriers to once again demand new measures from the Government to alleviate their situation. If last week it was the Platform in Defense of Road Transport - those who instigated the stoppages last March - those who
they threatened a new strike If no action is taken, now it is the National Freight Transport Committee (CNTC) itself -the sector's highest representative body- that is requesting new support aid.

The first thing is to extend until December 31 the bonus of 20 cents per liter of fuel, a "vital" matter for the sector since fuel represents more than 30% of the operating costs of these companies, says Ramón Valdivia, vice president executive of ASTIC (Association of International Road Transport).

But given that they consider that these subsidies are "being absorbed" by the market due to the rise in fuel prices, they ask that a new aid of 20 cents be included for professional transport, specifically for vehicles of up to 7.5 tons, in total 40 cents of subsidy.

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In addition, they request direct aid for a quarter for freight transport companies depending on the type of vehicle, which will be 1,250 euros for trucks and 500 euros for vans. This measure is the same one that was agreed with the Government in March, but the carriers demand that it be extended for another quarter.

From Astic they denounce that the price of fuel is 50% higher than it was in June of last year, and it must be taken into account that a heavy truck refuels around 4,000-4,500 liters per month. In addition, trucks powered by natural gas, which use some 15,000 heavy vehicles in Spain, cost 5,500 euros per year to fill the tank, when before it was 2,500 euros.

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